Independent Insurance Brokerage Specialists – Skip Agents Cold Calls, Appointment Making

There are very few independent insurance brokerage professionals who visit prospects without a prearranged appointment. Cold calls are the most common way to make client appointments. Learn more about these insurance brokerage specialists.

This article does not define agent cold calls as making random phone calls from the telephone directory. That’s only for new, untrained agents. Only insurance brokerage specialists can understand the true meaning of cold calls. A cold call is an unannounced knock at the door by a brokerage specialist, with no appointment made. It is rare for younger agents to be able to make cold calls.

It is a fact that confidence, selling skills and expert product knowledge are essential. You also need to be able to present a non-canned presentation and have the ability to walk out with a payment and an application. A direct mail company will usually send brief lead letters out to seniors living in a particular area. This is done by independent insurance brokers. Use the mail method to inquire on the reply card which insurance company they have coverage with.

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Use an eraser to get rid of any previous training in selling financial and life-smart products. Your bulging briefcase should be taken out and placed somewhere where it won’t get lost. If you don’t want to use your computer for work, cover it. You can use a binder that has pockets to store a few Medicare “guides” and some brochures from sales brokerages.

It is now time to take a look in the mirror. You look dapper in your polished suit and tie with polished shoes. It’s time to get a makeover. You smell and look exactly like a salesman with a large sign that reads, “I will pester you relentlessly to purchase insurance.” Independents must be distinctive. Keep the suit, tie, and shoes in your closet, ready for the wedding or wake. Find comfortable pants, a shirt, and shoes. You can also gas your Pickup if you have a Cadillac and a Pickup.

Never make a cold phone call to verify an appointment. Only brokerage professionals can use this. 100% prospecting and selling. Don’t be shy about asking for a referral. It will slow you down if the referral isn’t in your area. Your prime hours are between 10:00 AM and 5 PM. This is better than bankers’ hours and you can plan for only four days of work per week.

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The Cold Call Moneymaker Insurance Presentation

Grab a “Guide to Medicare Benefits” pamphlet and a stack of senior citizen addresses cards. Your prospects’ name card will be on the top. When you approach the door, knock loudly. Once the door has been opened, you will need to look at your card and ask “John” if he is available. Before they can reply, you should state that you are there in order to explain their Medicare Benefits as well as how their insurance fits into the equation. Don’t pull out your business card at this point! Ask when it is the right time to meet with them so that you can take care of their benefits package faster.

You have total control. As you need to verify their policies, ask them to bring out their insurance policies. Use the “Guide to Medicare Beneficis” and your legal pads to show them the Medicare benefits and current insurance coverage. Never use a Presentation Book. Next, explain to them where their Medicare Supplement is lacking or absent. Ask them if they would like their bank account to cover the gap.

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After 15 minutes, you know whether to take the walk or go for it. Tell them that you are an independent insurance broker specialist and that you have a busy life, but that you will spend 10 minutes explaining how insurance could help. You can immediately pull out the sales brochure and explain the gaps. Both a low and high price option are acceptable. Consider, “If you could choose which coverage you would prefer, the lower or higher benefits.”

Keep your mouth shut! Pay attention to the ticking of the clock. If the man objected, you could say “oh well maybe it’s not possible for you to afford it.” Keep your mouth shut, and turn your attention to the wife. At this stage in her life, she usually manages the checkbook or cash. She will often tell her husband that she can afford it and that the better plan is what she prefers. You shouldn’t be surprised when she gets up and goes to the back bedroom. She’s just trying to get some hidden cash in order to pay the annual premium.

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Cold calls for appointment making are not what you thought. A broker specialist can close at 60% with no appointment and an annual premium. Independents can locate senior citizens within a few blocks of them by using a variety of leads (names). This is how I made my first big bucks while others barely scraped by.

As you eat your long lunch, think about all the insurance associates who are sweating and wearing tightly-wrapped ties, trying desperately to make an appointment.