Injecting a New Insurance Marketing Trick to Skyrocket Responses

I hope you don’t think that any trick is evil. These are the people who pay sticker price for a car and then cut coupons to get 8-hour sales. A marketing tactic for insurance is not intended to fool anyone. It’s meant to make prospects more open to the idea of buying insurance. Prospects who are more open to receiving information will be more likely to respond. This marketing trick is so secret that people will respond favorably to it.

You can use valuable items such as expensive pens, trade magazines subscriptions and instant gas coupons to entice agents. These are also easy to redeem fast-food certificates. These are a great way to get additional quality responses. As long as there is no obligation before you receive the item, this is fine. This response has one real problem: the cost.

It is simple to calculate the additional response. Your cost would be $600.00 if you sent a sales message offering everyone a $10 gas coupon and received 60 responses. You could have gotten 45 calls without the incentive so you would need $600 to get 15 more interested agents. This is still amazing. You would have paid $55 per 45 original, but they now have a bonus. You will get 15 free offers, each worth $45.00 and all are equally qualified. It’s a smart win-win strategy.

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This secret technique will give you superior results than the one that was already described. The cost of the new technique might only be one tenth of what it costs. Instead of spending $600, you could save as much as $600. You will also have the chance to reach people who didn’t contract immediately and offer them meaningful rewards to encourage them to contract. Do you think that boosting production with minimal expenditure could be a useful marketing strategy? This trick is easy to implement, but you need to understand why it works.

Inspiration and Motivation It is hard to find a marketer or agent who wouldn’t benefit from an increase in inspiration, motivation, or confidence. Selling skills are required to combine these traits with the ability to sell. Few agents take the time to find bookstores where they can search for books on these topics. The book prices are high because many of these books are no longer in print or are available only in hardcover editions. As you all know, a book’s cover is not enough to tell you if it’s worth reading. Few agents are able to keep more than a few books in their library, even if they’re highly skilled. It is not possible to inspire, motivate, or build confidence. You can now provide this information at a very low price.

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The Required Product and Cost It is better to give away something that an agent requires and can benefit his career than having it quickly forgotten about. An ebook is the product. An ebook is a computerized version of a printed book. It can be sent out electronically and the recipient can read it in full. There are no postage fees, stacks of inventory, or instant delivery. A $60.00 investment will get you 12 motivational or confidence-building ebooks. You can also distribute the eBooks as many times as you wish for free.

This small purchase must be made by someone who has bought the distribution rights to Putting your Trick in Motion. You begin the wise marketer’s way by writing the message on the oversized postcard. You create your own trap, unlike other postcards. Your special offer is only available to the first 78 people who call within the next 15-days. They will be given a copy of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Not just an excerpt. As a way to say thanks, the book is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. After highlighting the benefits of your product to the agent, send your message out to your targeted agents/brokers.

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Handling Response If an agent calls asking for product information or a book, you should treat both requests the same. Ask the agent to provide his email address. Tell him that he will receive a copy of your book by email by the end the day. Tell him when it would be most convenient to speak again about your product in the next few days. It creates a more positive atmosphere and helps to appreciate the gift. You can simply send a thank you note with a.pdf attachment. The agent can instantly read the book using Adobe or any other program. It is up to you whether you give away 52 copies, 78 or 192. It is easy to deliver the bonus, and serious agents may not respond otherwise.

Get More Bang for Your Buck Send a letter out to your producers. Mention that every broker who files a case in this month’s period will be eligible to receive a copy of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This trick can be used multiple times to increase production. You can use it over and over again. This book can be exchanged for an agent’s email. It seems like a great way to build rapport and get results.

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The Real Deal What about all the emails you have collected? Where did the agent not sign a contract immediately? These emails are your personal treasure trove. These legal opt-in Emails are the ones that your competitors don’t have. You can’t buy spam and only qualified agents with current email addresses. Send a newsletter to all agents in your building every 3-4 weeks. You can give them a new eBook by visiting your site to download it, or calling you. Many people can’t resist. It is easy to keep the process going. Research suggests that it takes six emails to get an agent to call you. Now, the agent is more likely to be willing to sign the contract and begin writing business. Very Small Cost, Super Bonus