Ink Business Cash vs. Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card

If you want a credit card that offers solid returns without being tied down by bonus categories, consider the Ink Business Unlimited card. This one provides 1.5% cash back on purchases regardless of category – meaning more money that could turn into Chase Ultimate Rewards points!

What’s the difference?

Both Ink Business Cash and Ink Business Unlimited cards provide outstanding business credit card rewards. However, their methods for earning rewards differ: Ink Business Cash offers bonus categories with increased rates up to $50,000 in combined annual spending limit while Ink Business Unlimited gives a flat 1.5 percent rate across all purchases.

To determine which credit card best meets your spending needs, it’s essential to take your spending habits into consideration. For instance, if your business makes regular purchases in office supplies and telecom services such as Internet access services such as DSL/Broadband access services – then the Ink Business Cash card might be ideal as it offers up to 5% back until $25,000 spent each year, then drops down to 1% back thereafter.

Conversely, Ink Business Unlimited lets your purchases accumulate rewards without restrictions or spending caps, and boasts a generous welcome bonus and no annual fee, making it a suitable solution for many small businesses.

Both cards can be combined with the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal to provide access to an array of redemption options such as cash back, gift cards, Apple products, hotel and airline rewards, car rental insurance coverage and roadside dispatch – not forgetting flexible business expenses payments! Your rewards could even cover this!

If you tend to spend heavily in specific categories, the Ink Business Cash card could be ideal since its earnings potential is greater. However, if your spending regularly surpasses its limit, other business credit cards with no spending caps for specific bonus categories might be preferable.

Keep in mind that both cards provide other useful features like built-in protections, fraud alerts and zero liability – plus employee cards for free with digital tools such as purchase alerts and expense reports to track spending. So if you are searching for the ideal business credit cards, the Ink Business Cash and Ink Business Unlimited cards should certainly be considered.

Does it make sense to get both cards?

No matter if you’re running an existing or start-up business or simply seeking extra cash back, adding these cards can make sense. Each comes equipped with impressive sign-up bonuses and long 0% intro APR periods – while both provide rewards that small business owners might find useful such as 5% cash back at office supply stores, telecom services providers and gas stations spending. Plus if you are an aggressive spender combining Ink Business Unlimited with cards offering additional bonus rewards can make even greater strides forward!

Many individuals believe they must operate an official business in order to qualify for a business credit card, but this isn’t always the case. Many mom-and-pop shops, side hustles and micro businesses may actually meet eligibility requirements for such cards – selling items on Etsy, moonlighting as a rideshare driver and conducting medical surveys can all count as businesses; and if your work involves W-2 income that helps fund it then applying may reveal benefits you may unlock through it.

These cards are an ideal solution for business customers looking to convert their purchases into Ultimate Rewards points and then redeem them for travel rewards, since cash-back rewards on these cards can be converted to Chase Ultimate Rewards points which offer more lucrative travel benefits than standard cash back.

Although the Ink Business Cash card may have some drawbacks that prevent it from being the ideal solution for every business, it remains an attractive choice overall. Offering a generous sign-up bonus and long introductory APR periods along with generous rewards rates in most categories, the Ink Business Cash card could make an excellent option for most entrepreneurs.

No matter which Ink Business card you select, keep in mind that to meet Chase 5/24 rule approval criteria for these cards and reap their benefits as valuable additions to your business credit card collection.

Does it make sense to get a card with a spending cap?

As a small business owner, your goal should be to reduce expenses and maximize the bottom line. One strategy for doing this is through credit cards offering rewards on purchases made for your business – but which card should you select? A business credit card can help separate personal and professional expenses, earn cash-back rewards or miles redeemable for travel – it’s ideal for any size enterprise from large enterprises down to online Etsy shops, freelance writing gigs or ridesharing drivers alike; plus many of today’s leading cards offer high earning potential and attractive sign up bonuses that make them worthy additions for any wallet!

The Ink Business Cash card features one of the highest cash back welcome offers available, providing $900 back after spending $6,000. Plus, there is no annual fee attached.

This card is ideal for businesses that are fully invested in the Chase Ultimate Rewards ecosystem and want to maximize their earnings across different categories, providing 5% cash back on office supplies and telecom, 2% at restaurants/gas stations up to $25,000, and 1.5% on other expenses – not forgetting its long introductory APR period and impressive sign-up bonus!

If you prefer an easy rewards rate, the Ink Business Unlimited card may be ideal. Earning 1.5% cash back on all purchases without any limits or minimum spending requirements and no annual or foreign transaction fees charged, this card offers great convenience and ease.

Only drawback of this card is it doesn’t offer Lyft rides with its lucrative 5% cash back offer, however for other business expenses this card provides easy rewards without needing to track categories or worry about hitting an earnings cap.

Does it make sense to get a card with no spending cap?

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If your spending falls in one or more of the card’s bonus categories, such as up to $25,000 of spending each year, then the Ink Business Cash card might be best. Otherwise, for an unlimited 1.5% cash back rate on all purchases or those who prefer an unlimited 1.5% rate instead, perhaps another solution would be more suitable – perhaps Ink Business Unlimited would provide better service?

Both cards offer generous sign-up bonuses and no annual fee, making them great choices if you need help covering business expenses. But for maximum earnings potential there are other cards like AmEx Blue Business Card which provide up to 2% cash back rate on spending of $50k+ in each membership year.

Pair the Ink Business Cash or Ink Business Unlimited card with a premium Chase Ultimate Rewards card that charges an annual fee for added flexibility when redeeming points earned with those cards for travel at greater value, rather than using them just for gift cards or office supplies. Furthermore, by transferring points between these cards you open up even greater travel redemption options through Chase’s Ultimate Rewards travel portal or with travel partners.

If you own or run a small business or side hustle, chances are good that you may qualify for one of Chase’s Ink Business Cash or Unlimited cards. While other applications require you to provide EIN or tax ID numbers as part of their application process, Chase cards allow applicants to apply with just their social security number and an explanation of your activities – just be honest when providing this information so they can assess if their card meets your needs properly.