Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Complaints About the Polluted Water Bodies

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd recognizes that water is vital for life. It covers 70% of the Earth. It is a valuable shared resource that can be used for human use. 97% of the world’s total water is stored in waters that are not suitable for human consumption. The remaining 3% are stored in other sources such as streams, lakes and under-ground wells.


India is a respected nation when it comes to water resources. It is available as many lakes and rivers. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd reports that India has 14 notable, 55 minor, and many little waterways. It is often referred to as “Place that is famous for Rivers”. Riverbanks were, in fact, the first to facilitate human civic establishments in India. India’s waterways play a vital social and financial role. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd believes that this is why Indians revere waterways as goddesses. Our mythologies are full of stories that praise the streams.

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd complains that our current life is completely dependent on streams. Stream frameworks provide watering system, water consumption, water transportation, power, as well as employment opportunities for large numbers of people all over the country. These will suffer adverse consequences if they are damaged.

Pollution: What Causes It?

  • Acid rain
  • Industrial pollution
  • Oil pollution
  • Pollution of agricultural land
  • Other sources of pollution

How can you control contamination?

Our greatest advantage is to control waterway contamination. Indian citizens have a sacred duty to protect their environment. The legislature has a responsibility to protect the environment for the benefit of its citizens. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd reviews the many ways that we can protect the waterway from contamination. Here are some quick ways to prevent contamination:

  • Industry should invest in hardware to remove contaminants from wastewater and effluents. Effluent Treatment plants (ETP) are one way to achieve this. These are the best ways to control contamination at its source.
  • Additionally, all towns and cities should have offices that clean up sewage. There are more than enough Sewage Treatment Plants in urban areas to clean up the sewage.
  • Farmers should abandon pesticides and chemicals in cultivation and instead use natural methods to cultivate, thereby decreasing the synthetic contamination of waterways.
  • Stop allowing religious practices to pollute water streams.
  • It is important to have proper seepage and sewerage frameworks in place so that contaminated water doesn’t mix with waterway waters.
  • The stream is close to Ban on Dhobi Ghats.

What can we do to help clean the rivers?

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd reviews that we have an obligation to protect the environment. Although one person may not be able to clean our streams, it is possible for everyone to contribute. It can be a great help in cleaning up our streams. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd recognizes that there are many ways you can help create a perfect stream of income in your local area.

  • Encouragement of group cooperation in stream cleaning up
  • Organise mindfulness gatherings and projects on stream contamination and its dangers
  • Distribution of written material on stream contamination and its effects on health
  • For the sake of spreading mindfulness and good water quality, we should talk to our families and friends.


Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. The Constitution of India implies that it is the responsibility of all nations to protect the environment. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd understands that the environment is shared responsibility by the private sector, government and individuals. This will allow us to clean up rivers and other water bodies in India together and help save precious water.