Insurance Agencies Are Missing Out on Millions

Are Insurance Agencies supposed to offer the best products and services their clients deserve and need? Since hundreds of years, insurance agencies have offered many types of insurance plans and policies that were greatly needed. There is an enormous $15- $25 billion market that is available for agents and insurance companies. Professional sales people can also take advantage of this opportunity. It seems that there are very few agencies offering these services and products to clients. If this is true, then who are these agencies actually looking out for? It seems that it is not the clients’ interest. Consumers need these services, so why don’t agencies provide them at neck-breaking speeds?

A Huge Demand for Product

There is a great need for legal counsel services in North America and Canada. Only 3% of the population has access quality legal services. What is the reason for this? This could be because people feel intimidated by lawyers. They don’t know who to call or they fear they won’t be able afford the fees. Today, more than 50% of families are in a legal position. This is the saddest part. Most families either ignore the problem, or attempt to solve it themselves.

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A Plan’s Value

Clients have to wait for bad things to happen before they are able to get any value from the plan that they prepay on a monthly basis. As a client, I want to be in a position to receive the benefits of the plan as soon as possible. Insurance plans are not usually this easy.

This is possible for millions of North Americans or Canadians today with the help of insurance agencies. These products and services are only available to 3% of people. These products and services are only available to one company, so your sales team and agency will need to have them ready to offer to your clients. You don’t have to be able to offer your clients legal services plans if you’re not available.

Legal service plans are the ideal product for those who are skilled in motivating and selling to salespeople. You have to decide whether or not you want to be involved in this lucrative opportunity worth millions of dollars. Human Capital is a costly investment. This gives your sales staff the chance to sell legal services plans and other services. This will allow them to earn as many commissions as they wish without any overhead costs to the agency. These legal plans will allow your agents to increase their income by selling more plans. Your bottom line profits will increase dramatically as they sell more plans. This has several benefits: the agency retains more sales staff, makes more money, and makes more commissions. Clients get the products and services that they need within minutes of purchasing. Any company that has a professional sales team can add this product to its existing products or services to increase their growth. This is a great way to make money for your sales company.

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All Benefits

Every sale is a win for everyone, whether the sales representative or an insurance agency. The agency is a huge beneficiary because:

1. It allows the sales team to offer a product that the client can immediately use after they have purchased.

2. It allows the agency’s sales staff to make money every day. The sales team will earn immediate commissions and the agency can also receive direct deposit revenue each day if it so chooses.

3. Even if the salesperson is not employed by the agency, the agency will retain its sales staff. Your sales agents can sell your products, or legal services plans and services. The agency will still make profits.

The agency will continue to generate revenue as long as the salesperson continues to make sales. The salesperson can decide how much they earn by adjusting the amount of their sales production. The company’s top earner was a former Real Estate agent who worked in the family business. He started selling products and within two years had earned more than $1 million in commissions.

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