Insurance Agency Vlogging – Staying Ahead Of The Insurance Marketing Curve

Insurance Agency Websites, SEO and SEM Marketing, and Blogging are just a few of the many things you need to be current in order to reach a specific target market. Target markets for agencies can be vertical (transportation companies or owner operators) or horizontal (businesses with sales between $1 million and $10 million). They also have the option to be extremely broad (personal lines, for instance). Marketing for insurance agencies should target a specific market. The first step towards achieving this goal is to create a quality blog. Agents should consider vlogging to be an important part of their web marketing strategy for insurance agencies.

Vlogs can be described as a video blog. They are cutting-edge in insurance agency web marketing. Vlogs should be no longer than one minute long. Vlogs should look professional with good sound quality, image and sound, and should be posted on an insurance agency website. Vlogs can also be uploaded to a YouTube channel for agencies looking to expand their reach or take their videos to the next level. YouTube can help with SEO for insurance agencies and search marketing optimization. Many agents may be wondering if this is really necessary. Vlogging isn’t yet mandatory, but it is important and useful for the following reasons.

1. Until an agency realizes that they are not the only one doing it, nothing seems possible. Many agencies laughed at the idea of a professional website ten years ago. Today, no agency is able to function without one. SEO and Social Media Marketing will soon be the same. Vlogging will not be different. As a younger generation of YouTube-centric buyers will soon make buying decisions, video and vlogging will become a fundamental part of any insurance agency’s web marketing program.

2. Video blogging can help improve the SEO of insurance agencies. SEO can be improved by using video content on an agency website. The SEO boost is even more effective when combined with a YouTube channel for the agency – YouTube ranks third in terms of indexed sites and highest ranked. Businesses are increasingly using YouTube to target prospects where they spend most of their time. If an agency does not have YouTube video content, they are missing a great (and free!) opportunity.

3. Many agencies have a competitive advantage by using video and vlogging. Vlogging and video are a great way to differentiate between agencies’ offerings. Imagine two producers from Agency A and Agency B chasing the same prospect. The prospect is given a business card by Agency A and a long-form brochure. Agency B’s producer takes out an iPhone and shows the prospect a professionally edited 30 second video of a client who raves about their agency solutions. Which agency is the best?

4. Video is both cool and fascinating. It doesn’t matter how you put it, we live in a video obsessed society. No amount of copy, speech, or print can compare to a professional video. Generation X and Y will seek information in new ways than traditional marketing targeted 20 years ago. Agencies must adapt their strategies to meet the needs and expectations of this new generation.

Marketing is constantly changing. Insurance agency web marketing is an extension of any agency’s or broker outreach program. A vlog is one of the newest tools in the marketing toolbox. It’s worth considering adding this capability as soon as possible.