Insurance Agent Email Blasting – A Money Pit Disaster Or Dream?

Do you feel compelled to spend money on an email blast for your insurance agent? This article explains and examines email blasting by insurance agents. This article will show you why an “insurance agent list” isn’t a myth. It is a hard-to-believe reality.

It sounds like a marketer’s dream to email large lists of insurance agents for a low price. It is now time to burst the dream bubble, and return to earth.

Email can be a boon if it’s used correctly and in the right circumstances. But if email is misused improperly, it can cause irreparable damage to your reputation. The latter is often the case. You will find 33 companies if you spend a lot of time searching the internet using different search engines looking for email list providers. Many companies offer the same list but at a different cost.

My programmer had set up an email extractor program a few years back. I searched for “insurance agent” in Google. Google started at the first website and extracted every email address it found. The extractor program was stopped at 15,000 “agents” after about 30 hours. The purpose of this was to verify accuracy and to determine if it was a good idea to continue. To verify that the agent’s name is still licensed, each name of an insurance agent was checked against the database. The results were available after a lengthy examination. Only 14.1% of all email addresses corresponded to an insurance agent. It was an easy decision. This simple way to sell insurance agents email blasting names was not for those who were concerned about their reputation. It was not for me.

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You may have been to the county fairgrounds where a hustler exaggerated and promoted, encouraging more people to line up to see the incredible cow with two heads and the half-man, half-alligator. You agreed to pay the price and joined the queue. You entered the half-man, half-alligator made of wood. The two-headed cow contained an unborn, partially-developed calf head kept in formaldehyde. Although you didn’t spend a lot, you did not get what you wanted.

Your money is gone once you’re swindled. People will take your money no matter where you go or what you do.

Email blasting companies have been attacking the internet for years before they realized the huge market potential of recruiters and insurance marketers looking to find the best way to acquire agents. Firms with little to no experience in email marketing for insurance, but a desire to make a lot of money, started the field of dreams. Marketers will find the low-cost field of dreams if they have a good list. It continues to work. day after day.

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This is a new type of agent media known as insurance agent email blasting. It sounds amazing! Why not? Email blasting insurance agents can help you save a lot of money on printing and shipping costs. Your direct responses are almost instantaneous! You only need to pay an upfront fee and create a brief advertising piece to get insurance email blasting started. You could reach thousands to thousands of insurance agents in just a few days

Agents can easily respond to your appealing offer by checking their email. It’s so easy! The email list owner will accept your offer and send it to 100,000 agents or 700,000. This seems like the cheapest and most convenient way to reach recruiter heaven. The key word to wisdom is “If it sounds too good to have been true, it probably is.”

You will need to make a withdrawal from your bank account, usually between $1,500 and $10.000 dollars. It all depends on the person who hustles you in. It costs only a penny to send your message out, depending on the scalper. Too many marketing and insurance companies want to see the impossible. These get rich quick schemes often only benefit bulk mailers, so why are they so popular?

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Success is not easy for a successful insurance marketer. To increase your sales, you must use proven methods. Even the most successful recruiter or marketer should be discouraged by the inexplicable odds of finding the right vendor.

Why is insurance agent email blasting not as effective as it seems? You, the user of this service, failed to use common sense to understand why it rarely works.

How did the firm manage to obtain the emails of hundreds of thousands of agents for this list? These agents (opt-in) requested information about insurance products. What number of times per week or day will the firm email this agent with an offer from another competitor? They will write their response. What percentage of recipients use spam filters to send emails? What is the frequency of email addresses being updated? The total numbers rarely seem to change. It is impossible to guarantee an email blast to agents. You will not be able to get the list of agents that was emailed, or a list that you can email. This is a very good reason.

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These are the main questions you should ask. Pay attention to the replies so that you don’t get pushed in! Did the email extractor allow you to obtain the names? You are unlikely to get an answer. Ask the most important question. How can you tell if these email recipients are licensed insurance agents? Personallly, I have not seen a continuously updated list that was accurate enough.

There is no evidence that a two-headed cow can exist. How about miracle email blasting for insurance? Too many brokerage and insurance companies still don’t know the truth, despite all the hype. This is the title of an old Kinks song, “Who’ll Be the Next in Line?” Are you still the next in your line after reading this?