Insurance Agent Prospecting – Increasing Insurance Leads Response – Buy Quality Leads

Both insurance agents as well as insurance marketers have been taught a lot about prospecting techniques by their employers. Agents who are career life agents have to ensure that they have enough quality leads in order to sell enough. It is a smart idea to create a cost-sharing program between your brokers and you to help your marketing firm compete.

It is not enough to use the white pages, elderly policy owners, social group, churches, emailing and cold calling together to generate enough response. Falsely telling agents about a referral source can lead to a lack of referrals. Agents, brokers, insurance marketing agencies, and agents all need to increase their lead response. Profitable commissions and overrides must be achieved if the ROI (return on investment) of your lead program is consistent.

I had the pleasure of speaking with a professional lead consultant who has been in direct marketing for 10 years. He is an expert in lead generation and appointment setting, and was a seasoned marketer. When I spoke with him, I asked him about prospecting. He said that the majority of lead acquiring methods today require agents or brokers to spend unwarranted time prospecting. What is the solution?

A successful prescription lead program is the solution. Sales is the key to success. Quality leads are what make sales happen. The online lead sales business is highly competitive, with the most qualified firm often being the one that wins. My research has shown hundreds of companies are trying to solve the problem of insurance agent prospecting using their low-cost leads. These shared leads can be as low at $5.00 per lead and distributed to up to 25 agents. They are often a checkbox-style box that allows inquirers to indicate potential interest in three or more products. This allows the cheap lead company to further dilute it to make three separate leads. It might take the sales rep who is being sucked in 10-25 appointments, several tanks of gas and a week to close a single sale.

Insurance lead companies typically acquire leads through random internet inquiries and email blasting. This is not a way to determine if you have a prospect or suspect. An internet lead company can obtain leads in an unusual and skilled way, which is not the norm. First, a client must first acquire a very refined list. The client must also have at least $500,000 in assets. These prospects are targeted by a team of experienced telemarketers. They produce semi-qualified people who are interested. You can also set up an appointment to meet with them. This is the best part: every lead can be used to sell an annuity.

Purchase Quality Versus Number It has been proven that a low-quality lead is useless. How much does a high-quality annuity lead with pre-qualified prospects cost? This appointment would allow you to purchase a $50,000 annuity. A profit of $3,000. would be earned by the broker or agent. If 10 leads were ordered and 4 of them worked out in the same sales, $12,000 would be made. This is profitable both for the broker as well as the insurance marketing agency. Chris can help increase the broker’s profit by guaranteeing to replace any lead that is not needed. A very small fee is charged to the broker for each lead. Other brokers charge $60.00 per lead for substandard annuity leads with no appointment guarantee or bill the broker client per hour.

Only the Right Clients We only hire experienced agents who are knowledgeable in annuity sales and marketing to maximize our profit potential. The broker can obtain leads specific to a zip code, number of leads and when appointments will be scheduled. It’s far more efficient than staffing an in-house; a $40,000 salary person would attempt to do what the web lead company does so efficiently.