Insurance – Are You Covered?

Are they adequately protecting you?

I remember a time when I was helping a dentist. His ADHD diagnosis was brilliant. He is a great saver of paper and stuff. He was not ready to organize yet, and it took several conversations with me before he finally felt that he was ready. We finally arranged our schedules and I was able to visit his company to perform a Miracle in a Day. It was truly a miracle when my assistant and I worked together in his office.

He called me madder than a hornet a few days later. He believed we had destroyed a CD containing a software product that he had developed, worth thousands of dollars. It was estimated to have cost about $65K. This could have serious consequences for small business owners. We were legally and technically on the line for potential losses.

It was a confidence-building decision that I did not throw it away. My assistant and the client were part of the organization project. It was possible that the item could have been lost or accidentally thrown away. I had the assurance that I was protected up to one million dollars with my small business’ liability insurance. It would have been very unfortunate if the CD had not been found. With the right insurance, I felt confident that everyone would be taken care. When I returned to his office in the afternoon, I was able to find the CD. So that this would not happen again, we added some keywords to his Paper Tiger database. My client was relieved.

If you’re looking to hire a professional such as an organizer, web designer or any other type of professional, make sure they have liability insurance. This will protect your assets in the event of any missteps. There may be hidden costs to lower rates.

Insurance Assessment

How about your insurance needs? Are you covered enough?

Although I am not an expert in this area, I can share my knowledge with you. You all know that I was involved in an auto accident two-years ago. A driver behind me hit me at a stoplight. I was rear-ended by him and suffered whiplash, crunch, and splat. My world was changed in a split second. My trunk was full of stuff. The CPU for my computer was in the laptop’s case. My head/neck flew backward and forward. Initial consequences were a broken CPU, my laptop for my business flying to the floor of my vehicle, and my health was immediately at risk. My car, which I hoped would last for a few more years, was destroyed.

Because everyone is cutting costs, it seems timely. I feel compelled to share the fact that adequate insurance is essential. You can cancel COBRA if you lose your job or find it too expensive. However, there are other options. Are you covered enough if your spouse isn’t? Ask your agent about your coverage if your Mercedes is damaged by a car that doesn’t belong to you. How about your stuff? What about your stuff?

This is just a spark of thought. My healthcare is something I am extremely grateful for. However, there are always ways I can improve the way I take care of myself. Please take a look at your current savings. You know the expression, “Being penny wise and foolish.”