Insurance Beyond Protection – Needs Vs Wants

“I am financially independent. Are my parents able to afford insurance? This question could be asked by a customer to his agent.

Insurance is necessary for many reasons. Parents should get insurance to make sure their children have three meals a day, even if the breadwinners have passed away.

Parents may still require insurance for their children, even if they are older, such as long-term care, disability insurance, health insurance, or insurance that covers long-term care. This is to help pay hospital or medical bills.

Insurance may be required for people from the United Kingdom to cover their final expenses. The availability of burial grounds is decreasing due to increasing population in the United Kingdom. Funerals are becoming more expensive. Many people buy life insurance policies to cover funeral expenses so they can make their funeral arrangements according to their wishes.

Although retirement may seem distant to younger people, it is something that will happen if we live enough. Many people are concerned about their retirement. Our income will also go when we retire. Our income may be dependent on our pensions or savings, but we might still be able to purchase food and pay household bills.

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Sometimes, our pensions or savings may not be enough to fight inflation. Some people may outlive the retirement savings they have made. You can supplement your retirement income with annuities or insurance plans. People can choose to retire with dignity, and not charity, if they have the option.

Insurance does not have to be associated with unpleasant or uncomfortable subjects. We can see the purpose of insurance as more than protection. Insurance is necessary for protection. If the protection requirements are not met or are no longer important, it’s time to shift from the “needs to the wants” of customers.

Customers can be reconnected with their “wants” through happy or meaningful events.

Some insurance plans are designed so that policyholders can expect to receive cash every year or every other year when they retire. These cash payments can be used in any way the policyholders choose. They can use the cash for vacation if the amount is substantial.

These insurance plans can help fulfill many people’s dreams. They don’t want to live a boring retirement, but they do want an exciting, exciting retirement. Insurance is not serving the customer’s needs anymore.

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Parents whose children are financially independent can purchase insurance to help them create a fund or promote a worthy cause. The policy proceeds can be donated or assigned to charities if the arrangement is right.

People don’t have to give to charity organizations. Insurance policies can be used to donate proceeds to charity. This could be a better way to help the poor. It’s possible to still help homeless people and orphans even if we aren’t there. This may seem like a cool way to get one more day in paradise.

You don’t have to leave anything for your grandchildren to recall you by. There are many options to make this happen if you wish. An option is insurance.

Insurance can help someone express his love to his grandchildren by allowing him to make the necessary arrangements. Some love lasts for a lifetime. Some love lasts forever. We can choose how long our love will last.