Insurance Career Sales Training Results – I Crawled From the Grave Over Agent Bodies

The results of insurance career sales training are a never-ending nightmare. My career in insurance was no exception. Untrained insurance managers expect magical sales results from their career agent trainees. I saw this pattern of incessant training repeatedly. I was dressed like a professional, but working as a slave with no freedom.

In reality, I had a vision of a completely different training environment that never came to pass. Instead of being overwhelmed with information I wouldn’t use, passing the state licensing exam should have given me credibility. My agency instructor would instead place all of the responsibility for my career and my fate on me following the company’s training procedures. My first company didn’t even have a trainer. All sales instruction was given by the office chief, the general agent.

My first insurance education was a series of appointments as an observer for an old-time, old-time thinking agent. This was supposed be my first insurance skills education. The next time, I was alone and sweating through all my clothes. After a few months I realized that no matter what I knew, I would still burn. After me, a dozen agents were gone. I was heading for the missing body pit. My sales determination to keep going and sign up for a large company saved me. Although I felt financially secure, I quickly realized that I was a pawn in a large company.

I have never allowed waterboarding to be applied to me or sold my soul to the company. It was difficult to make enough sales to hire a new agent. There was no lifeguard available to save me. Agent trainees that I had barely met were leaving every week, as new employees kept coming in. It was like an endless stream of agents entering the office with hopes of a lucrative career on the entry side. On their way out, a series of agents left with higher debt than they had when they started.

To wake up, I had to be almost thrown alive by hopeless agents. My personal safety was not taken into consideration by any insurance company. The office management cared about how I could write my premium. The top of the insurance hierarchy was concerned about how much profit they could make. Agent turnover is not a problem as they don’t have to worry about getting fired. Agents soon found it difficult to pay bills and put food on the table. This led them to seek out life-saving opportunities.

This is how I got out of my grave. These results led to a financially rewarding career in insurance. These are some tips for insurance career sales training that will help you keep your results high.

1. It is important to regularly read positive thoughts, self-confidence and motivational books. You have to be determined to keep the odds in your favor.

2. You should spend as much money as you can to get quality prospects. This is an investment in yourself. A poor closing ratio can mean as low as 20% to 30%. High quality leads can result in closing rates of over 60%, which automatically doubles your income.

3. Spend your time developing business social networks and presentations. LinkedIn, an internet group, can help you make connections that will lead to more business. Cold calling is not good for you.

4. You can become a specialist in selling to a specific clientele like seniors, the self-employed, workers in construction, and medical providers. You can focus on your main products, and the rest of your brochures will be left behind.

5. As quickly as possible, get rid of any manipulation by an insurance company. Professionals require more than one tool for selling. Your career income will rise by at least 30% if you are able to work independently and earn 30% more commission on sales.

6. You can increase your sales skills by studying a variety insurance and selling articles. You will often find helpful tips, tricks, and other ideas that can be applied to your career in sales training.

7. You have to think outside of the box. It is not possible to learn from the best in insurance sales. To maximize your sales, you must create your own patterns and adapt your prospect base and presentation.

I escaped from the graveyard of failed insurance agents, drained of false hopes. They believed the company would be their salvation. I was unable to become a millionaire overnight. It took me several years. Follow these seven steps to follow a similar path to success. The benefits of training in sales for an insurance career will be well worth the investment.

Don Yerke is a published author who likes to focus on the things you don’t know and what no one else dares print. It’s okay to tell it as it is.

His new paperback book will be available on Amazon in the summer. This book is packed with valuable information about insurance brokerage, sales, and recruitment.