Insurance Continuing Education Courses & Insurance Coach Advice


Insurance continuing education courses can be a great way to learn about a particular product. Another key is the transfer of motivation and selling skills by Insurance Coach Advice. Learn how to get the Master Key.

Agents of all levels can access over 200 continuing education courses in insurance. You will learn half of the product information that may be relevant to your situation through the CE course. You can become an expert in product knowledge and regulations. You can earn a title designation after completing more than 90 of these continuing education courses. This indicates that you are able to understand product concepts and not just know a few details about a specific insurance area. It doesn’t matter how much you learn, earning is what matters most. This key will open up doors for prospects but it won’t unlock the selling skills that will earn you an ongoing, rising income.

An insurance coach is a great resource for sales and motivation. They offer a wealth of tips, hints, and ideas in an easy-to-understand format. Although insurance coach advice is available face-to-face, in groups, or online, it has limitations. You will see immediate results if you’re smart enough to follow the coach’s advice for more than a week, or even a whole month. A sales coach is an adviser to insurance companies. They will need compensation for their sales methods. These include building confidence to maximize every sales presentation. Problem is that half a year later, you may find yourself in a situation where the answers weren’t given to your original problem. You can call but a sales coach, just like a lawyer with professional fees, is available.

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Recently, I learned about several programs that smart insurance marketing agencies have implemented. Many seemed to be working towards providing the master key to brokers. This requires product knowledge and sales opportunities to make the broker sell quickly. These marketers don’t understand that the program must be independent. They try to attract independent brokers and give the marketer 100% of the business. This is a failure. This is not fair.

THE MASTER KENInsurance agents quickly realize that you can have many keys but not all the sales situations. How can you master the master key and still be independent? Independent brokers might be willing to sacrifice their current success in order to play hangman.

Through internet research, I found a company that has the master key to combining knowledge of insurance products with sales skills. Interviewing the owner yielded a lot of valuable information. Insurance agents will find a lot of useful information from this interview. This strategy is a great way to make an impact in the insurance industry.

First, an agent or broker must attend a free, first-class seminar with food. There is an overview of the benefits. Testing has revealed that only semi-independent agents or independent brokers should be invited to this seminar. This is not the usual marketing strategy of trying to attract any licensed agent to sell a product with a specific carrier.

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MARKETING EXPERT This is the ultimate benefit to making an insurance representative an insurance selling expert. This is a long-term course but an insurance broker can still earn while they learn. This course combines continuing education in insurance with the benefit of working with an insurance sales coach. To keep the agents’ income up, they will be taught virtually every product knowledge, confidence, as well as selling skills. The talent and competence of the agents quickly shines through webinars, daily training, live events, a video trainer, and even social networking with fellow agents. It’s a joy to close life and health insurance sales.

PROGRAMMARKETING The owner of this master-key course learned that while you can have an impressive agenda of benefits for agents, marketing can prove costly and time-consuming if they don’t hear about it. Many prospecting methods can become a “get burnt and learn” situation, just like Insurance Marketing Associations trying to attract agent attention. The first was to obtain a cheap list of insurance agents and then random mail. The program was stopped after thousands upon thousands of quality letters were mailed in an envelope message. Because the number of mail pieces returned by this New England State for not being delivered was close to 40%, the program was halted. This is a disaster for printing, mailing and postal costs! The list cost less than $100.00, which resulted in $2,000 in returned mail fees and dismal results.

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OTHER MARKING RESULTS The owner next tried a voice-blasting method using an agent list-providing company. Only three genuine replies were received from the $1,800 campaign. This is ten-fold too high at $600 per response. Next, we searched the internet to find an email list of insurance agents. This nationwide email blasting cost was $2,000, but the price was reduced to $1,200 upfront. Emails to agents were sent promptly and received a depressing response from five agents. The maths show that $240.00 per “lead” is not always worth it. This led to an in-depth analysis that determined refinement was the key. Two ingredients are required to invite targeted health agents for a seminar. A well-written letter inviting the agent to a seminar should be first. The next step is to narrow down the list of insurance agents to include independent brokers and health insurance agents.

This success story is about a company that provided a valuable course and helped brokers find the right broker. Both brokers and agents share a common need. It is not difficult to find an insurance company, a career firm or product-marketing agency. It is difficult to find one that cares enough about providing the master key correctly.

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