Insurance Direct Marketing – 3 Seconds Or it is Junk

It is actually 3 seconds of attention that is too much. Your advertisement attention time drops to 2 seconds if your insurance sales ad is in a printed magazine or amongst a sealed stack post card advertisers. Your potential client may also pitch a sales message or post card with too many unnecessary details so fast that it almost goes to the trash.

Your sales message only has three seconds to grab their attention and hold it. Your advertising piece will be lost forever to junk mail land if it doesn’t. It is the same cost to get attention and not to. Advertisers who are extremely sharp can achieve a 1.5% response rate on Business to Business mail (B2B). Your personal mail could be affected and you may only receive a half-percent reply rate.

It doesn’t matter if (1) you use an experienced standard (formerly known as bulk) mailhandler to get the best rates or (2) if first-class mail techniques are used. (3) Even if the address was handwritten, (4) if someone attaches first-class stamps. You can send your insurance message on a simple post card, a colorful, eye-catching postcard, a tri-fold mailer or a letter in a fancy colored envelope. You or a hired copyrighter could professionally write your message. These options are only a small part of your final results.

Your response rate capability can be 40% to 60% higher if you have a target refined list. If you are unable to get their attention, why buy a quality list of prospects? List brokers or list compilers can help you maximize your results. Your response quality will improve the more detailed your insurance list.

Your letter should be concise and easy to read. Don’t say “it’s the best” as everyone else says and feels that way. Your headline is what makes or breaks your advertising piece for an insurance agent. Your total print ad headline should be no more than 25 words. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your advertisement, don’t worry! Use compelling verbs and adjectives.

It is important to have three compelling headlines. Have friends or associates help you choose which one inspires you the most. Appealing to the recipient’s emotions, particularly fear, greed, and personal ego, is very important.

These are three headlines that will help you find top-level insurance brokers agents. “Introducing our innovative barn-burning product with limited sales territories. Start immediately with quality-tested, verified leads. Hairaising can be used to take away the sales professionals of your competitors.

Use descriptive adjectives, compelling verbs, and adverbs (called power words) to increase motivation and interest in your sales piece. A winning headline is easy and enjoyable. This sample list of power words and phrases will inspire you to take action.

These key phrases will ignite your sales message fire. These are some examples of power words: The best kept secrets, surprisingly simple to master, solve all your problems forever, unbeatable, my competition will be mad at this, new features have not been added, no extra charge, position yourself at the top, prepare to a new future. This is a private invitation, rave reviews and recommendations from professionals. It’s also incredibly affordable, tempting enough to resist, set sales records, reset them, and burn the competitors.

Your headline will be a success if you include a powerful phrase. It is impossible to expect your sales piece to generate worthwhile results if it doesn’t grab attention immediately.