Insurance Experts Are Bozos at Teaching Prospecting Techniques


The best way to learn in most industries is to follow the example of someone who can outline a plan that you can follow. Insurance is a industry that does not suffer from the high mortality rates of its employees. You might notice a sign that says “Answers Free” in a hardware shop. Unfortunately, there are no stores where you can leave with a bag full of answers. There are three types of insurance trainers you can try.

The first one is from the company that hired you. This would be your insurance manager. Your company sales manager views you as an insurance representative for a month. Your goal is to tell and guide you through the month. His two-year-old list of agents and his current list would not have any names that match. He is far too inexperienced with true prospecting to be able to give you any information that will help you stay at your current label. Your company’s sales manager has not been trained in prospecting techniques.

The second option is to take advantage all the amazing continuing education classes. These classes can be taken at your home, at a seminar or online. These classes provide the latest information about some of the most popular products on the market. Many of them can help you get a name after your name. These are very affordable and well worth every penny. Is the area lacking? It is common for every agent to be too casual or not to prospect.

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This last one comes from top insurance professionals themselves. These are the elite among the elite who have made millions from selling insurance. A national seminar featuring these master salesmen will give you a real live experience. These money-makers also combine their efforts to deliver mini speeches on CDs, books, and tours. A seminar with hall of fame members can sometimes be sponsored by a marketing company. They will demonstrate the fastest and most efficient ways to make millions. You will learn some concepts, be inspired by their earnings, and hear how they got there.

But, can you use the same prospecting techniques to create the same sales presentation as they did tomorrow? NO. Are they really interested in you following their lead? Are their ideas a big leap for you? NO Did you learn anything from them? YES. They can’t give you a magic bullet that will solve all your prospecting problems in 12 months. It is also known that top insurance professionals have many different methods, some of which you may never be able to use.

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Congratulations! Congratulations! None of these teaching prospecting techniques offered prospecting solutions.

You know more about prospecting for insurance than 80% of agents. Here are some personal tips from me, an insurance high-level producer. It doesn’t matter if you have 20 years experience or a list of names after your name. If you are a specialist in a particular market, your clients don’t need to be entrepreneurs or multi-millionaires. It takes confidence in yourself, determination and the ability to do things differently than 80% of agents. There is no shortcut to emailing, phone calling, telemarketing or joining clubs.

Prospecting is something you have to do on your own. You need to determine the type of person you feel most comfortable selling to. Do they belong to a particular age group, have a home, a distinct occupation, a high income, or have children? Which two products do they think they would need? What solutions could you offer that they would be happy to receive? This list can be found by contacting a broker who deals with consumers. Next, talk to a printer and ask about bulk mailing your sales piece.

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Think like a winner. Selling to people who are open to your solutions and have genuine interest in you solving their problems will result in high satisfaction, profit, as well as a high closing rate. Your average lead price should be in the 40-dollar range. These are not cheap leads. Do not try to sell people beyond your normal sales range. They will see right through your facade. Do no go for trash, do no go for treasure. Reliable sales is what you should strive for. Only quality prospecting can lead to reliable sales.

Three profitable events happen when sales within the same client group increase without changing your lead prospecting. The first is that the percentage of clients who buy will increase by 30% to 50% to 70%, and for real pros up to 90%. The average sales amount will then gradually rise. In the beginning, the premium could be $650, $750 and then $1,000. Third, your clients will notice your positive outlook and confidence rising towards the stars. Many clients will purchase additional policies you offer.

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You can reap the benefits of this lead prospecting program by simply using it correctly. In two years, you won’t spend any more or change your clientele. You will earn five times what you originally earned. Let the braggers and bigwigs remain bigwigs. Learn the easy way to do quality insurance prospecting and you can be a plain agent making over $100,000 annually.