Insurance Future Forecast – Is an Axe Falling on Medical Health Insurance Coverage Sales Selling?

Insurance’s future is changing and it will continue to change. The premiums for policy coverage reflect declining sales of agents who sell health plans. Are you worried about your insurance’s future? Or do you see new opportunities for sales? This article will examine these two options for your insurance future forecast.

This article is intended for experienced agents. These agents are already well-established in their sales careers, with a large portion of their business being health insurance selling. Nearly every captive agent who has less than four years experience selling insurance policies is in danger. Statistics from the past show that only 7 percent of 100 licensed agents reached their fourth year in 2005. These numbers are not likely to change with the current turmoil in insurance.

The future clouds of uncertainty for agents selling major medical policies are becoming increasingly apparent. Advertising in trade magazines and recruitment for insurance marketing to help brokers sell group and health insurance is on the decline. Both consumers and business owners are uncertain of what lies ahead. This has led to a rapid decline in sales and policy upgrades. This is causing a drop in income for many agents.

Are universal health services possible? There is uncertainty at the highest level regarding the potential roles of agents selling individual and group health insurance policies. This is a difficult time for new agents to enter the selling arena.

Universal health could eliminate many of the skills of highly-skilled agents who provide the best coverage to customers’ individual needs and wants. Already, Medicare Part D prescription coverage has been altered. It is expected that Medicare Part D will be eliminated in order to provide some funding for universal health care.

Experts in medical and health insurance may still see a silver lining in their future insurance plans. All the powerful lobbyists from insurance companies are now fighting for your interests and for their own benefit. They are dependent on the market for survival, and they need your help to promote their products. Insurance lobbyists will spend untold sums of money, and cleverly solicit campaign favors in return for previous substantial financial contributions.

Individual and group major medical clients pay more for insurance than they should. Directly, this is due to the way that the Government manages Medicare and Medicaid. Hospitals and doctors only get a partial reimbursement for the services patients receive. Privately insured patients are charged more by doctors and hospitals to pay for the remainder. Future payment reserves for Medicare and Medicaid are at serious risk because they are not being properly managed. How can the Federal Government eliminate private insurance and impose universal health care?

There is a hornets’ nest larger than the UAW and any union. If the government decides to end Medicare Part D prescription benefits then you will have the most powerful and explosive lobbyist group attacking the legislature. It is a well-funded organization that has millions and even millions of members over 50. It will be almost as powerful as an atomic bomb striking Capitol Hill if it gets its leadership mad. They are determined to protect seniors’ benefits and will stop anyone who tries to stop them.

Over the past forty years, I’ve seen many changes within the insurance industry. Consider the positive aspects. There are currently 1,500,000 agents who offer life and health insurance in the United States. Half of them have less experience than 4.3 years. It would be a good idea to eliminate half a million agents who are trying to sell medical insurance. New loopholes must be closed every time a new government coverage is offered. Is it possible for the government to create more than 1,000,000 jobs by destroying the health insurance industry?

It is not something I believe in. This is my forecast for the future of health insurance. You will be able to adapt and take advantage of the opportunities the future holds for you as a seasoned health insurance agent. You can also supplement your income by adding a few insurance products to your portfolio. You can also look beyond insurance for add-on products that you can sell.

This is the right time to make a big impression on your existing customers. It’s five times easier than to sell to a customer you already have than to acquire a new one. Your customers may be affected by a hailstorm in the future, so make sure you have a bigger umbrella.

Donald Yerke, a well-published author, likes to focus on the things you don’t know or that no one else dares print. It’s okay to tell it as it is. See Don’s bio as an author.

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