Insurance Guide – Transforming an Insurance Seller into a Life Specialist

It would be great to turn an insurance agent into a high-income specialist by using a magic wand. This guide will show you all the steps that an insurance agent must take to achieve life specialist status. Keep track of your progress to keep track.

Below is a list of 50 topics you should know if your goal is to become a successful insurance salesperson. This article will focus on the selling skills that a life expert gradually acquires to become an insurance specialist. It is rare to find an insurance agent who has not learned the skills necessary to sell insurance. An expert life specialist can learn the subtle techniques to get a prospect to buy and remove the seller pressure that clouds the minds of insurance trainees.

Use the following point rating system to rate yourself in these areas. A score of 0 means that you are not currently using the product. Scores of 1 indicate minor trial and errors. A score of 2 means that you use the computer only occasionally. Scores 3 refer to frequent adaptation and use. Achieving a score of 4 will result in a result-producing upgrade. A score of 5 signifies mastery. This document can be printed and written on the front. Be aware that any original methods will need to be modified. You should not have looked straight into the eye and storm, as you were taught.

1. You can replace the bulky briefcase with a compact binder that contains all of your product information

2. Bring a yellow pad with 3 new pens. One for you, and two for prospects

3. You can get business cards that have the title of expert, professional, expert or consultant. Do not call yourself an “insurance agent”.

4. Include your name and degree on business cards. If necessary, include insurance company

5. You should always have a compass, map, or GPS device with you. Also, keep any extra supplies in your car.

6. You can give away key chains, flashlights or ebooks as giveaways to prospects. No imprinting is necessary.

7. Imagine making the sale and then the formal presentation before you knock on the door.

8. Always ask to sit at the table with prospects

9. Ask for the TV or music to be turned down or off

10. If guests are not available, you can reschedule the presentation appointment.

11. To take a picture of the prospect’s top pick from their collection, bring a smartphone camera

12. Never give one gift if the presentation is for your husband or wife.

13. Don’t reveal the cost unless you are ready.

14. If prospective client is interested in a second opinion, refuse to return

15. Ask questions so that a no or yes answer is not possible

16. Do not cold call strangers.

17. You need to know the difference between a real prospect and a suspect

18. To create a highly defined list of people you wish to speak to, consult a list broker

19. Recognize that spending wisely on leads is an investment in your own self

20. Spend more time making appointments than prospecting

21. You can get rid of leads that are not necessary.

22. You can use direct prospect mails or internet leads to create a lead source for procurement.

23. Keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity when prospecting, scheduling appointments, or closings.

24. You can learn objection handling to prevent objections from ever happening

25. Use motivational and action words in your presentation

26. Sales messages should be bold and grab attention.

27. Prospect: Reward a “lead” by offering something in return for providing more information

28. Learn at an expert level about a few products to become a life specialist

29. Refuse to be an insurance broker for a product portfolio.

30. Only target your prospects and direct them to the products that you are a specialist in.

31. Try your sales presentation with a friend, associate, and get constructive criticism

32. Determine the right emotional need of your client for insurance

33. For flexibility and changes to your presentation, restructure certain parts

34. Key selling phrases that work in every presentation should be developed

35. Consider the possibility of selling two policies instead of one

36. You might say, “You want just to pay annually, and save some money.

37. Talk more towards your wife and keep your eyes open.

38. To increase your self-confidence, read motivational books

39. Do not go on and on about your product benefits. Instead, concentrate on the most important benefits to prospects.

40. Fear your competition. Your client may not care about you, which could make it difficult for you to find a buyer.

41. Don’t let price stop you from offering regular or deluxe options to your prospects.

42. Replace an outdated policy if it is ineffective.

43. You must ensure that you have every prospect’s email address so that you can send a monthly newsletter.

44. You can find two dollar greeting cards in a local store and flood your clients with them

45. Consider what you can do for a 10% increase in your closing ratio.

46. If you are not a life specialist, don’t follow the lead of others in your office.

47. If you are an expert, don’t expect to make $100,00 per year for your first six years.

48. Get higher commissions by starting a brokering business with an insurance company outside your home.

49. Set a realistic goal to become fully self-sufficient in your business.

50. You can’t separate yourself from the insurance sales people. Instead, a life specialist works with prospects to purchase insurance.