Insurance Is Available for Pet Caretakers (Sitters and Dog walkers)


Most small business owners are aware of the importance of insurance. It was a natural conclusion that pet care professionals would recognize the importance of having insurance to protect themselves and their clients in the event of an unfortunate incident. The insurance industry is now offering policies for pet sitters and dog walkers all over the globe.

Pet sitters love animals. They saw the changes in society and family life and stepped up to meet the needs of pet owners. In the past, animals could roam freely and most were kept as pets. Although it was not common to have an “inside” pet, society has changed the way pets live.

Many areas have a leash and noise ordinance. Fido can no longer roam free and howl at moon. Pet owners are responsible for their pets’ actions. This includes the dog walker and pet sitter. Pet owners are avoiding using a teenager to care for their pet or feed them while on vacation due to the increasing number of lawsuits. Pet owners now realize that they need to hire someone who is skilled in their field and is covered by insurance.

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It is possible that you are wondering what your pet sitter’s insurance covers. Pet insurance covers the same as other types of insurance. It includes general liability, bodily injuries, and property damage. If your pet causes injury or harm to another person or property, this insurance protects you.

It is very important to protect your dog from injury. If the dog that you are walking suddenly veers off to the side, you would be covered. You would be covered if the animal lands on someone and causes injury. You would also be covered if your pet gets mad at the garbage collector. Fido might not be able to understand why the garbage collector has come to his house and is taking stuff away. Fido may become territorial and chase after the garbage collector, biting him or her.

A pet sitter should also be aware of the importance of property damage. This policy would protect you in case Fido grabs a family member’s expensive jacket while they’re eating in the park. In the event that a pet is injured or killed while their owners are away, this part of your policy will generally cover the owner’s possessions. If you transport a pet in your car and are involved in an accident that causes harm or death, you are covered.

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Pet sitters insurance also covers small “incidentals”, which can lead to much grief. Many pet owners have lost their keys, and many pet caretakers have had to lose their keys. The pets are inside, but the pet caretaker is outside. Stress is everywhere. You should be aware that pet sitting policies usually cover the cost to change the locks in the home so that you have access to your pets.

It is a smart decision to take out pet sitting insurance. It’s not fair to watch someone else’s child without having insurance. Pet owners often view their pets as children. Pet owners expect their pets to be treated with the same care and quality as they would for their children. You will be held responsible for the actions and overall well-being of the pet that you care for.

It is easy and affordable to get pet sitter insurance. Pet caretakers can quickly search the Internet to find a policy that suits their needs. You should compare quotes and shop around for other types of insurance. Never sign up for the first policy that you see. You should have no trouble finding the right policy for your pet sitter.


Pet sitting insurance is affordable and well worth the cost. It could result in financial ruin if you are convicted. Pet sitting insurance protects you from such an unfortunate event.