Insurance Leads Services Pave the Way for Success

When they focus on traditional marketing methods, insurance agents aren’t playing the numbers. Agents, both seasoned and new, will not have the option of investing in cutting-edge strategies without being proven.

  • Direct Mail
  • Phone dialers
  • Fax blasting
  • Post cards
  • Seminars

These techniques may give agents options but they don’t put them in front prospects who want to purchase their products. An insurance lead service promises to deliver more than any of the other marketing methods. Prospects who are interested in speaking with them, and want to learn more about their products or services. This will increase their chances of maximizing their earnings and reducing their investment.

Agents in the insurance industry, whether they work for a company or independently, can reap the same benefits.

  • Leads can help you find high-quality prospects
  • Prospects can become sales
  • Sales generate income
  • Income increases profits and gives you a competitive edge

An agent can start a lead service by pre-qualifying prospects, and then delivering those prospects the agent. These prospects are great because they require interested parties. Agents are not required to cold call or carpet bomb an area with direct mailers. Instead, they are placed in contact with people who are looking for what their offer.

By generating quality leads, leads can be part of the numbers game. Agents who are knowledgeable about their business understand that sales is more likely if they meet more people. Prospects who are interested in the product or service the agents represent increase their chances of making sales.

Higher interest equals higher income

Agents can increase their chances of closing a sale by diversifying their marketing investments to include a lead-service. Although the odds of closing a sale are higher when using a lead-service, the agent must still speak with the prospect to close the deal. Agents must be able to recognize that prospects might be looking for insurance products for many reasons. They should also have a good knowledge of the product and people skills.

The time spent on chasing down the wrong prospects will be reduced if they are able to focus their market on qualified prospects. An insurance agent who chases down the wrong prospects can face discouragement as well as frustration and a loss in time that they cannot afford to waste. Although there is no way to guarantee the sale of the perfect product, an insurance lead service can maximize the chances.

Over 90% of insurance agents who chase the wrong prospects in the business of insurance are out of business within five years. Average insurance agents make less than $40,000 per year. This number is inflated by frustration and wasted time. If 90% are gone, then why are 10% of them still in business?

The Ten Percent Solution

The remaining ten percent of the business aren’t wasting time on the wrong leads. They increase their marketing budgets to include a service like a lead service. They have ample opportunities to reach prospects who are ready to purchase what they offer through the lead service. They don’t view their business as a numbers game. They focus on establishing personal relationships with interested markets. These interested prospects can then be turned into real sales, which generates real income.

Agents with higher income have a competitive advantage. Career company agents can increase their position and leverage within a company. They can also be promoted within the company. This can help the independent agent increase their independence. Independent agents can set their own hours and make their own decisions. They can also use their time well to increase their profits.

A lead service can help insurance agents in any industry to maximize their time and investment. Insurance agents don’t have to be bound by preconceived marketing ideas. They can still play the numbers games. However, the odds of winning will stack in their favor.