Insurance Market Analysis – States Ranked 21 Thru 31 For Insurance Product Marketing


Ten states were ranked not to be a major challenge for agents in this market analysis. These states are repeat winners each time you contact key insurance product marketing agents with a high-quality insurance mailing list. These states can be combined with their insurance marketing skills with a quality mailinglist to make them affordable for many national and regional brokerage firms as well as the large wholesalers fmo and insurance companies. Each insurance marketing analysis is available.

These 10 states are the best for creating a great brokerage mailing list. This does not include mass mailing, email blasting or faxing. Mass marketing to insurance agents can be very dangerous and costly. In an insurance recruitment campaign, it is not important how many agents respond at the lowest price. It is crucial to measure the quality of each agent who responds, and how they perform as a producer. Don’t measure “leaders”, but rather by the production of contracted insurance brokers.

Rating = 21 This state has made great strides in recruiting over the past 5 years. Prior to this, there were many inexperienced insurance agents. It was a shocking rate of turnover. Everyone had a novice cousin and a licensed cousin who were rapidly losing their way. This is now different. The major Northeast/New England career recruitment agencies finally realised this and shut down. There are now more semi-independent agents who want to climb the ladder of success. There is a growing number of agents willing to give brokerage products a chance. We are seeing more recruiters take notice of our advice and get in on the action as soon as possible. However, the state’s high-migrant household income is $20,000 less than in many other states where big life career companies are located. All things considered, the future is positive.

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WEST VIRGINIA , Rating = 22 Given the small amount of recruiting attention that this state gets, it would seem hidden from the world. On average, West Virginia has 1/4 to 1/3 of the population of New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts and Virginia. The agent also receives less calls, emails and mailings than the other states. Annuity recruiters face a problem when West Virginia ranks last in the list of states with respect to median household income. It has a decent senior population, making it an attractive area to sell long-term care products and senior life products.

Rating = 23 North Dakota has the highest number of seniors in the country, with a temperature of minus 25 degrees. It is easy to find senior market agents in this small state with a low agent population. This is combined with the warm reception from many fraternal insurance agents. This is your opportunity to market health insurance plans to agents. The median family income must be considered when searching for annuity sales representatives. Because of the low overall income, North Dakota would be ranked lower for wholesalers and annuity marketing agencies.

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SOUTH CAROLINA Rating = 24 South Carolina’s agent reception is certain to be behind that of its sister state, North Carolina. This state is ranked lower in the recruiting rankings due to two factors. It is a state with a lower level of family income. It also has a higher turnover rate for agents. South Carolina will be right in the middle of the pack if you target the right agents and the right products at just the right moment. This is partly due to the fact that South Carolina does not receive enough attention in recruiting.

Rating = 25 “Little,” is the word that prevents this state from being ranked higher. It is difficult to find enough agents to present seminars and there are not enough to mail. Maine agents are more open to receiving marketing and insurance firms from faraway countries than those in other northeastern states. The overall income level is low in Maine, but seniors are willing to face the winter chill, just like North Dakota. This is a state that is often overlooked. This is especially true for recruiting firms looking to sell life, annuities, and ltc to senior and near-senior ma.

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LOUISIANA Rating = 26 After the hurricane, this state slid 6 places down on our recommendation list. It has since risen two places. Many agents made the transition to more dry states with better economies. It was already one the poorer states and many low-income residents stayed. Many people in New Orleans moved away because they had money or were able to transfer jobs. Agents who survived the disaster, and have over five years of experience, still have a client base or work in parts of the state that were not affected. Your competition has almost abandoned the state, which is the good news. We have heard from some insurance brokerages that they are seeing the best results with their Louisiana mailings. This is because the less experienced recruiting competition has retreated.

PENNSYLVANIA . Rating = 27 Pennsylvania has one of the worst records for licensed agents in the country. Is it really possible to have 100,000 life and health agents? It is not. What about the addresses of agents? If you used the addresses provided by your insurance company, 30% of your mail would be returned undeliverable. This may sound alarming. This may sound shocking. However, many other state insurance department address records range between 20 to 35% not deliverable. Don’t trust anyone who claims they have a comprehensive list of Pennsylvania agents. Hint You can either get a very small list of Pennsylvania agents or none at all. The best agents are those who can be identified as brokers (placing business for an outside company). The best agents will succeed, especially if they are skilled in targeting financial and annuity related products.

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MONTANA . Rating = 28 Although the agent base is small in Montana, the area they cover is vast. The amount of small independent multi-line, life-health-auto=home agents is beyond normal proportions. This is an advantage. These small businesses are often independent and represent multiple carriers. They have their life and health insurance with different carriers that will pay their premiums for their home, car and business insurance.

Rating = 29 Iowa, home to many life- and health insurance companies, is a strong state for most insurers. While the direct recruitment pressure for insurance companies is high, it is not as intense as the pressure on brokerage and marketing firms. It’s difficult to find seminar speakers in this city. Des Moines is the only city with enough qualified agents to invite. Areas like Sioux City, Davenport and Cedar Rapids are often overlooked. Overall, the demand for agents is somewhat lower than it should be.

IDAHO . Rating = 30 There is a lot to be followed up by professional agents. The state has a low number of independent agencies and agents. There are a few agents who will place insurance, life and health cases outside of their main company. Many agents should be considered semi-receptive and semi-captive, rather than independently receptive. It is difficult for insurance companies to achieve a high return on their investment because of the small number of businesses each broker generates.

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ILLINOIS . Rating = 31 Illinois has a large population with a 60/40 split. 60% of agents live in the Chicago metropolitan area. Many New England State characteristics are shared by Chicago. Similar features include the high turnover rate of agents, large presences of career training companies and the 9th highest median household income in the United States. The Midwestern states are represented by 40% of the remaining state. This state has more independent brokers and less competition for recruiting. It also offers producers annuity, life and health options. If you stay away from Chicago, it is a good state to market your products to agents.