Insurance Market Research, Sales Trends, & Sales Analysis of an Insurance List Compiler of Brokers


It takes a lot of time and data to do insurance market research. This includes reviewing the sales trends of an agent and analyzing individual sales performance. This market research can only be done by an insurance list compiler who has experience in sales and marketing. An insurance company can use the correct broker list to build its marketing strategy.

Why list brokers can’t help
There is a big difference between getting agent names from a list brokerage and an insurance broker list compiler. A list broker simply looks at the master firm’s database to determine what the client or the insurance sales company requires. Data from the master company may be obtained from phone directories, licensing records or any combination thereof. These are still raw data. These agents are not brokers and are not interested in your product or service. To validate these agents, no insurance market research, trends or sales analysis have been performed.

Why Insurance Names Blasters can’t Help
I did my own study using the same compiler market analysis insurance email names that blasters use for building a list of so-called insurance email addresses. An email extractor program is the tool required. It is affordable and easy to use. It is possible to select a well-known internet search term, such as insurance agent, and a major search engine such as Google. Without prejudice, the program searches for every email address in the first listing. The database is then started. It continues to run 24/7 until it reaches 300,000 or 500,000, at which point the program stops.

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In testing this method, I found a 14.1% level of matching. To determine if there was an agent connection, each record was compared against the huge database. However, the 14.1% represents matching and does not necessarily mean that all agent email addresses would be delivered. Many will not be read due to email blocking by their internet service provider. Market inquirers are asking for comments to receive the emails. They believe they can send them. You can find out more about opt-in email legal snags by looking at the links. A firm selling insurance email names wouldn’t want you to know the awful quality of the list.

Why Telemarketers Are Not able to Help
Although telemarketers can be great on the phone, they only have the ability to do their best with the information that is provided. Telemarketers are often keen to find the best unrefined or cheapest list for their clients. It is difficult and expensive to find the right prime brokers as there are very few. Telemarketers must make agents look like potential brokers in order to avoid their obligations. Realize that professional insurance brokers only use their cell phones to manage their insurance operations. This means that your home phone may be blocked and your business phone will remain on the recorder. This is a common scenario that telemarketing can’t help.

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Insurance List Comilers Can Help
Recruitment brokers are not a numbers game. Spending your money in a foolish way should not be considered a numbers game. A true insurance list compiler is the best option. A quality, refined list of insurance brokers name lists is affordable. It costs far less than printing, postage, calling, or the time lost using other methods. A firm that calls itself an insurance broker list compiler needs to earn your business. Before recommending a list, they should have done extensive research on the insurance market.

If there is an expert advisor, ask to speak with him. You will receive a straightforward analysis of brokers and the best brokers to match your offering. Although you can request recommendations, you might get more than you expected. All advice, tips, tricks, facts, figures and strategies should be free of charge without any obligation. A compiler of insurance lists should not ask you for your name, address and a host of other questions in order to keep pestering you. Quality firms rely on repeat business, referrals and recognition online. Don’t be surprised if they ask for your first name so that if you call back, they have notes to refer.

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Only an experienced compiler of insurance broker lists had done the market research. This included analysis of the sales trends and analysis of the products sold. This is similar to adding a new member of staff for the low cost of a refined broker list.