Insurance Marketing – 23 Ways You Can Market Yourself

Are you selling too little or not enough? Your number one problem, if you’re anything like most agents, is finding qualified leads. Qualified leads are someone who matches your ideal client. They should be able to say “yes”, make a decision and have the money to do business.

If your appointment book was full of these people and you couldn’t get at least 90% to buy, then you have a sales problem that requires immediate attention. You don’t know how market yourself. This article will show you 23 ways to market yourself and how you can do it effectively.

  1. Market to existing clients. These people have already bought from you once and are most likely to do so again.
  2. Create and implement a referral program.
  3. Prepare an offer to cross-sell or up-sell and/or down-sell each buyer.
  4. Create and implement a client appreciation programme.
  5. To generate leads, create your own mailing lists and launch a direct mail campaign.
  6. Create and implement drip marketing campaigns.
  7. Create lead response ads in print/TV/radio that have a clear response mechanism.
  8. Prepare a marketing message in alignment with associations based on trades/recreation/ethics & beliefs.
  9. Use case studies, testimonials, and stories to convey your marketing message.
  10. Use newsgroups and forums to get leads.
  11. Direct mail is a great way to get leads.
  12. Create a newsletter that has response mechanisms and is valuable enough to be shared with others.
  13. Develop and implement an education based marketing plan utilizing workshops/seminars/tele-seminars/training.
  14. Press releases are a great way to get noticed and spread a memorable message (not just a slogan or gimmick)
  15. Create a website that captures leads and builds a relationship with prospects.
  16. Publishing articles
  17. You can generate leads by either attending or having a booth at trade shows.
  18. You can generate leads by establishing relationships with businesses that sell to the people you are interested in.
  19. Interview others or conduct interviews and then use the audio as a lead generation tool.
  20. Establish a rapport with prospects by sending them follow-up emails that offer valuable information.
  21. Effective networking can generate leads.
  22. To generate leads, use white papers/reports/checksheets/tip sheets/guides.
  23. You can attract attention and interest through controversial editorials in publications that are read by your target audience.

Although there are many ways to market yourself to the world, these ideas should be enough to give you some direction on how to market yourself. One of these marketing methods will not fill your appointment book. You might be able to fill your appointment book with only one of these methods, but it is likely that you will need to use many to ensure you have the appointments you desire.

Is it difficult for you? It won’t if you don’t understand the people you are marketing to and what their needs are. You’ll see people at different stages of the buying cycle reaching out to your company.

Is it difficult to create a marketing system and plan? It doesn’t matter if the message is effective, it will work immediately. However, it will take time to create a message that resonates and then use that message to build a marketing plan. It takes much less time to meet prospects and to learn how to market yourself, creating reproducible systems that produce results.