Insurance Marketing Agencies – Insurance State Data Information Guide to Sell Insurance

Each state has its own personality, just like insurance marketing agencies. Analyzing data about insurance states can reveal where it is easiest to sell insurance. This guide will show you where the best insurance agencies are able to obtain general insurance brokers.

Many states have a lot of brokers and agents that are friendly and open to exploring new insurance possibilities. Some states are 5 years behind independent states in terms of thinking time. Numerous factors, including census bureau analysis and state date information, show how difficult it is to get attention from brokers, independent agents and general agents to reply to your mailing. Insurance marketing agencies need to concentrate their recruiting efforts on certain states and mail only those addresses that are likely to pay off. This guide can help you maximize your marketing budget, and produce the best marketing results.

It is Florida #1, California #2, Texas #3. Below are the top 10 states for insurance product marketing.

Rating #4

The last state is the one that isn’t on the coast or border. These next states are also landlocked. Ohio is “the profit-potential state”, as we refer to it. Agent recruiting firms using our lists have been providing us with positive feedback for more than 20 years. It is because Ohio has four distinct areas with multiple agent populations. Instead of one or two, the secret to obtaining results almost instantly. This geographical factor makes it difficult for any one insurer to dominate the state. These four metro areas include Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cincinnati and Cincinnati. Which area should you establish your recruiting office? It is likely to be the location of the majority of your recruiting efforts.

It is not uncommon to find union-run factories that offer employee benefits plans. Ohio is still a strong state in group and site benefit plans. Ohio agents who work for a large career life insurance company are less loyal than other states. This means that recruiters must help them broker business to the right firms. This means that attractive brokerage products are needed to expand beyond life insurance.

GEORGIA. Rating #5

In southern states like Texas, debit agents had a huge impact on insurance agents. These agents sold small life insurance policies and established routes where they collect the premiums from clients weekly or monthly. They were employees of the company and their renewals, which were not vested, were also affected by their departure. The old route was simply transferred to another agent to manage. Needless to state, the low income potential, high training costs and modern banking policies have reduced the presence of debit life insurance companies to a minimum. Georgia is divided into two zones. 55% of licensed agents are in the Atlanta Area (Zips 300-303), and 45% in the rest of the state. Georgia’s advice is to stay out of Atlanta. Agents in Atlanta are receiving almost daily insurance solicitations by email, fax, and direct mail. Agents from outside Atlanta seem eager to receive a direct mailing piece that presents a real opportunity. You deserve a piece of Georgia pie!

WISCONSIN. Rating #6

It is clear that Wisconsin is the most important state for Fraternal Insurance Company. Instead of offering clients policies, fraternal agents offer “certificates”, instead of “policies,” to members. The Fraternal Organization organizes benefit events for members who are hard-pressed. It may be based on a common religion, work trade or other life idea. Fraternal insurance companies offer a limited range of products. This is the secret to Wisconsin recruitment: Fraternal insurance brokers are extremely brokerage-minded. Wisconsin’s average “broker” has a license with more outside companies than the national average. Wisconsin has more than 10,000 agents who have contracted with at least one other carrier, despite being somewhat overlooked. They should consider your carrier.

MINNESOTA. Rating #7

Minnesota has many of the same marketing attributes that Wisconsin does. Minnesota is a land of lakes and ice, and has many fraternal insurance agents. This is a fact. Many large, insurance brokerage-oriented insurance companies employ regional recruiters. This central hub in the Midwest is Chicago, Illinois. This means that 70% of their budget and recruiting time is located in this central hub, even though it covers other states such as Wisconsin, Ohio or Michigan. Our tip for recruiting: Keep your recruiting dollars out of the recruiting hub. You will also get more leads if you pay less attention to Minneapolis/St Paul. Your results may boil over due to the low competition.


Although North Carolina agents might have a thick accent, they also have a strong brokerage swing that can hit you a few homeruns. The number of brokers looking for marketers is usually closely related to the number recruiters in the insurance marketing territory. This scale is tilted dramatically in the opposite direction in North Carolina. North Carolina’s top brokers are seeking insurance marketing companies! North Carolina receives one-third of the recruitment solicitation received by Georgia, and half that of Tennessee. Cities like Greensboro and Charlotte all have strong agent bases. This is a far cry from Atlanta and Nashville, which have a single agent population. You have so many benefits by recruiting top-notch North Carolina agents. North Carolina brokers are more loyal to marketing firms that treat them well than any other.

MICHIGAN. Rating #9

Let’s start with the negatives in Michigan. The market for group insurance has been virtually eliminated by the large presence of automotive and automobile supplier unions. Although there is some potential for major medical issues, Blue Cross’ dominance and paltry commissions make it difficult to pursue this market. The metro Detroit area has more than half of the agents and half the population. There are two positive factors: the presence of insurance marketing hubs and the wealthy union retirees who have relocated outstate. This is further aided by the fact that many companies offer poor career options for agents, helping them overcome their early career hurdles. We recommend that you look for agents who have at least six years of experience. Metropolitan Detroit is a great place to find annuities and advanced life insurance. Be aware of the economic sway and effects that this area has. Long-term nursing care is possible in the out state. Do not drive by the motor-city state.

MISSOURI. Rating #10

Missouri is close to Michigan, but still makes the top ten. The state is quite different with very few unions, and a median household income $3,000 lower than the national average. The best parts of Midwest agent personality blend with Southern hospitality in this state. This is definitely a show me state. There are many independent and semi-independent agent who know that if you show me a great product offer, I may be interested. It would need to be rated as a good state for long-term nursing care. The lower income might be a disadvantage over more sophisticated annuities. KISS – Keep it Simple State.