Insurance Marketing Not Working? A Common Mistake Made by Most Insurance Agents


There could be many reasons why your insurance marketing isn’t working. However, a common mistake most agents make is to make boring marketing.

You can use the 10 Step Insurance Market B.S. if you don’t understand what I mean by boring. Test. For the record, B.S. Boring Stuff is the acronym. (You think that right?)

To test your insurance marketing, go through your last marketing piece and answer the four first questions. This will allow you to determine if you are boring.

1. What other than a policy feature you might provide, what is the most unique thing you can do in your insurance marketing letters?

2. What kind of Personality Infusion (P.I.TM) did you use? Did you use any type of Personality Infusion (P.I.TM) in your insurance marketing to build a bond with your prospect or your agency?

3. The insurance piece was either glossy and corporate, like the rest of the incestuous brochure types, or plain vanilla black and white from the 1950s Ozzie and Harriet style.

4. There was no other way to send a prospect a business card, or a magnetic card (which is much better than the humdrum business cards we all use in the past), but there was nothing in the insurance marketing piece that would make the prospect want to keep it.

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Do not be discouraged if you fail the test after answering the first four questions. This is because small business owners often fail the test. It is possible to fix most of these problems without any specialized training.

We all intuitively know that the challenge of not being boring is a problem, but we don’t seem to apply this knowledge in our insurance marketing. Think about this: How do you sort your mail?

If you answered “over the trashcan” or “right by the trashcan”, then you’re just like the 97 percent who sort mail over the trashcan. This truth must be overcome by simple techniques that you can do for yourself. What makes you not give something away?

You can use the proven strategies and methods I have taught to keep your mail from being tossed away. Do your own case study to help you solve the puzzle. This is easy. All you need to do is to look at your mail the next time it arrives and try to identify what prevents you from throwing it away. Once you know what makes it so you don’t throw away mail, you need to make sure your prospect actually reads the mail. Then, they should do what you ask them to do after reading the mail.

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The entire domino effect, or positive chain reaction effect, begins with not allowing your insurance piece to go to waste. It then hopefully falls to the conclusion that you are taking the correct action in your insurance marketing pieces.

This boils down to: The boring stuff is thrown away.

It is important to realize that we live in an entertainment universe. The 100 percent best offer in the world, which was probably the most boring thing in the world, is not the best offer for your prospects. Instead, offer a lower-cost insurance offer that entices prospects and keeps them interested enough to buy it.