Insurance Marketing Research – Top Secrets of Annuity Marketing Analysis


You won’t find the annuity marketing analysis I share anywhere else in insurance marketing research. Get the best secrets from insurance annuity marketing research by analyzing it closely right now.

The question is: How many agents can annuity marketing companies or firms recruit? Marketing firms don’t get it. They believe there is an infinite number of agents. This is however dream thinking. All these agents will not license with you, regardless of how great your product or how high the annuity compensations are.

While the annuity market research numbers are only estimates, they were calculated using extensive analysis of data on over 500,000 agents’ licensing and contracting trends. Over 85,000 agents were considered to be insurance annuity broker. You may feel that you are doing a great job if you have 300 annuity broker under your marketing contract and 150 cases issued in the last six months. Although you may be successful, it might prove difficult to improve your results. Here are some top marketing secrets and recruiting tips.

You may eventually reach annuity marketing saturation. This is the point where, regardless of how great your products and services are, only a small number of brokers will contract. It becomes prohibitively expensive to increase your quality annuity broker share. To stay even, you will need to spend significant recruiting money. Your competitors will pursue you relentlessly, it’s not secret. You must find a replacement for the top producer who was lost.

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Your competitors will envy you for reaching an annuity marketing high level of stagnation. How do you know if you’ve reached this level? Is your roadblock permanent or temporary? Are you able to adjust your marketing and promotional techniques to make it easier for you become and remain the leader of the pack.

These are complex questions, but they are important to understand. Life annuity marketing companies often move blindly without doing research.. Have your researched the number of brokers selling annuities in your area? It’s impossible to know the exact number of brokers in your state or territory.

What are the annuity producers the top five annuity marketing firms have under contract? What about the 20-35 other annuity providers? Never before have we ever seen figures like these published. These marketing and recruiting secrets are now available to ambitious firms.

Below is a breakdown of annuity broker licenses by annuity carrier. Just over half of them are licensed with one annuity company. The remaining 51% contract with two or more companies. 16% of annuity brokers currently represent four or more carriers. It is clear that annuity broker licensed with three or more carriers are those who produce mega premium dollars (75% to 80% of total insurance annuity production). Insurance marketing research analysis of agent records revealed that very few top annuity broker represent only one carrier. The key to grabbing more annuity marketing dollars is to target the jumbo producers.

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Here’s an example of 20,000 licensed agents in life and health. This is how they would break down the number of annuity financial insurers they have been licensed with. 1 carrier equals 1,812 annuity broker, 2 carriers equals 936 brokerage, and 3 carriers equals 394 traders. 598 annuity brokers can be reached by 4 or more carriers

Use the annuity marketing strategy with a realistic outlook. There is a limit to the number of annuity broker. Telemarketing and email are not likely to make more annuity brokers. You should have a consistent marketing strategy and hit the annuity brokers with your efforts. It is recommended that the top two tiers be contacted at most 4 times per year. The other brokers should only receive information once. The top secret is that your competitors will keep moving if you stop.