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Although there are over 100 thousand United States insurance sites, only a few thousand can reach 98% of potential clients. The same goal should be set for insurance websites as prospect lead programs. This goal is to attract as many high-quality people as possible at a low cost. There is a huge difference between “quality at the lowest cost” and “quantity at the cheapest cost”.

WHAT IS AN INSURED NICHEFirst, insurance is not a “niche”. It is a low interest rate for the whole internet world. It is also an intangible product which removes the visual attraction of many other products on the internet. It is unlikely that a picture of an insurance policy or of an agent will sell well on the internet. The insurance category is too broad. It needs to be broken down into smaller niches. You must narrow down your insurance niche to draw attention to your website.

DETERMINE INSURANCE NICHE Every type of insurance is unique. You could think of automobiles, homeowners, major medical, universal life, annuities and income from disability. Other services include financial planning, mortgage payoff planner, annuity specialist, annuity expert, employer payroll deduction benefit plans and insurance life marketers. Pick one. Internet users search for specialists , not someone who is a master of all trades . Although we sell insurance of all types, it might not make the cut in the yellow pages. However, we are sure to succeed on the internet. It is possible to promote your firm or yourself as a specialist in one area and also mention that you are knowledgeable in other areas. It must be a niche and not a department store or supermarket.

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NAME YOUR WEBSITE NICHE CORRECTLY What is more important, your personal name or the number of visitors you have to your site? Your internet insurance domain name should be something like jamestjones, smithinsagency, and Your insurance niche should be the key words in your domain name. Let’s say that your insurance niche sells disability income. Some excellent domain website URL names would be disability-income-specialists, low-cost-disability-income, disabilityinsuranceprofessionals, disability-income-ins, incomeinsurancedisability, and hundreds more.

HINTS Until you make these changes, you will not be able to see the difference. Always as the end. Hyphens are a great help. Compare disability-insurance-coverage with disabilityinsurancecoverage. Google searches for keywords to help search engines find your website. Google searches for five key words or phrases in the hyphen domain. These keywords include coverage, disability insurance, coverage, and coverage. These key words might be found in the non-hyphen domain name. These key words can also be used: ability, ran. It is clear that Yahoo and Google don’t need the confusion.

TIPS Do not tell yourself that it’s too late to make changes. Do you live in the past or are you looking to the future? Your web hosting company. Many people will tell you that you can easily change your domain name for insurance and still keep the website you’ve built. Your domain name could be disability-insurance-coverage and you can still title your site “Jones Insurance Agency” just as you did before. You can also start a new site for $15 per year with hosting. This saves you time and allows you to order your preprinted materials that include your new domain name.

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NICHE INDX PAGE This will guarantee you free visitors, if done correctly and if the domain name has been renamed properly. Your website’s first page is the most critical. It should contain no less than 250 words and five paragraphs. This page should be informative and describe your insurance niche. It must be noticed by search engines so that internet surfers can find your site. You can do this by using key phrase phrases to help search engines “spider” your site.

KEYWORD PHRASES Select 4 key phrase phrases that you think people would use to find your niche website. These key words should not be used in connection with the product. Insurance, life insurance agent, representative, and countless other words are useless. Be specific. You should use 3 to 4 words combinations for niche key phrases. Low cost disability insurance, Kentucky income replacement coverage, Chicago disability insurance, low-cost disability insurance, and executive disability plans would all make good combinations. The 4 key niche phrases you choose should not appear more than 3-4 times per each. Include a variety words that describe your area if you aren’t national.

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RESULTS I follow the principles above when I work on web sites. Over the past 12 years, I’ve never paid for any internet advertising. All of these websites have attracted enough traffic within 90 days to be relevant for the niche they were created for. You can now get your blueprint plan for insurance niches free of charge, and I have saved you $100. It will also provide increased traffic and quality visitors for free.