Insurance Presentation Skills – Selling Techniques to Kill an Industry Giant – Tips

These are the insurance presentation skills that will defeat a serious competitor. Next, you’ll learn how to convince your client that your product is better. This industry giant sales person will be a pleasure to meet with if you have the right presentation skills and selling techniques.

Many insurance selling agents lack the skills or courage to sell and turn challenges into opportunities. This is how to acquire insurance presentation skills that can be used to take away sales from an insurance company, but also an organization. You will recognize this organization because I’m not allowed to mention it.

This non-profit organization has more than 39,000,000 members over 50! They promote endorsed insurance products, and offer fringe benefits. It spends huge amounts of television and direct mail advertising dollars to gain members and promote the products of its endorsed businesses. They have hired and rewarded the top experts in direct mail services with respectable income. If they took the marketing expertise of their staff, Washington budget committees could save millions.

Seniors who purchase endorsed insurance policies believe that they are purchasing it from the company. Insurance offered includes medicare supplements and hospital indemnity, car, home, cancer, long-term care, health plans, and many other benefits. This is where you should shine. This coverage was purchased by telephone or mail without the need for a personal presentation. This coverage is not “one-size fits all”. You should be able to show how your product is unique and not obsolete.

Let’s say that an average member purchased five policies of insurance. All of this was driven by the persuasive power of the written word and the marketing efforts of the association. Your insurance presentation skills should be used as a specialist in analysing needs. A wide gap can be discovered when your insurance selling skills are used to compare current protection to needs. Your ability to fill in the gaps will ensure that a member is provided with adequate protection, sometimes at a reduced cost.

Agents are equally affected by the insurance company that is part of a membership organization. These insurers believe it is perfectly legal to pay commissions instead of royalties for agents. They aggressively cut down agents’ throats. In turn, you must aggressively search for their members. Here are the selling skills and insurance presentation skills that really shine. My closing ratio was over 90% when I met a senior household that had taken out their membership policies.

Professional insurance presentation skills are often required to convince someone to buy insurance. It’s much easier to convince someone who has bought a standard policy to update their policy. This association has provided you with 39,000,000 leads for insurance sales.

These members are essential for your insurance sales techniques. Because they are so numerous, it is important to have a direct mail program that asks them who they have coverage with. My tip: Now you know exactly where to make sales presentations. Next, find leads that have coverage from other companies. Your competitor agent may be out of business or the policy owner has an outdated policy. As I found, honed my selling skills using these leads can result in a lot of sales. The other leads were also very helpful so I didn’t waste too much time.

You don’t have to ignore a lead just because it has been generated. Start a consistent direct mail campaign using the best of the best.

Giant Killer Tip

Financial planners are ready to use their power drills. Members can save money by choosing a mutual fund with balanced investment products that is endorsed by their members. Your annuity products offer many options.

Nursing home is a home that waits to die, but has poor staffing. This is what a resident really wants.

Specialists in long term care and Medicare Gap policies need to shine brightly. Your sales presentation should inform association members about other options that can improve their health and long life. The current policy does not offer enough home or skilled care benefits. Let the world know about the benefits of a top-notch plan.

Stop the assault of associations on your market. You must start targeting them as hard as possible. Professional insurance options are available that are tailored to each client. This is not possible with a membership-endorsed policy.

Fight fire with fire. You will burn yourself if you don’t. You can sell insurance products and have great selling skills.