Insurance Quotes – Save Hundreds of Dollars, Prevent Financial Disaster

Quotes for insurance are a great way to lower your monthly expenses. I saved $590 by using a quote service to save my homeowners and car insurance packages earlier in the year.

Millions of people are out of work in today’s economy. As the economy gets worse, millions more people will lose their jobs. Millions of people who are unemployed have given up looking for work, which has distorted the national unemployment numbers and made the unemployment rate seem smaller than it really is.

People have had to take pay cuts in order to keep their jobs. You can also add the number of people without jobs who have just closed a sensitive business in the economy.

A good friend of mine is a home-designer. Her business has been around for more than 25 years and she was a well-known designer. Her business was like shutting off the water faucet in 2008. She is now out of business. Will her business ever return? Nobody knows.

The commencement ceremonies at colleges and universities across America have just concluded. Tens of thousands of graduates received their degrees and were given a handshake. Unfortunately, the prospects for graduates are not good. An ABC News report said that 51% of graduates last year had a job after they graduated. The number of graduates who have a job is now only 20%. They still live in their homes and drive cars every single day.

A growing number of people allow their insurance policies to expire or cancel them. They have decided that they can no longer pay their premiums.

This is a terrible and tragic decision. You can cancel your cell phone, your cable TV, your internet connection, your gym membership, and your electrical service. Don’t forget to get insurance!

“Cancel my home’s electrical service??” I hear you sputter. “Have you lost your mind?”

You can trust me. Your life wouldn’t be affected if you were unable to live temporarily without electricity. You could lose your entire financial life if you have just one insurance loss.

Your home or business could be destroyed by a fire. Your vehicle could be destroyed by an auto accident. You could be sued by the claimant for damages if the accident was your fault. This could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Each of the above examples shows that these people own homes, cars, and businesses. Every state and province in Canada, as well as the USA, require auto insurance. You are not only committing an offense in most jurisdictions if your auto insurance is cancelled.

Your lender may also require that you have Property coverage for your vehicle, home, or business if it is financed. The lender may declare you in default of your loan and demand payment if they find out you have cancelled your coverage. They may take your vehicle, home or business. They could at the minimum, purchase coverage for your car, home, or business property to pay the loan balance. Forced-placed coverage is a very costly, substandard coverage.

Consider getting insurance quotes to lower your insurance premiums before you decide to cancel your policy.

It is easy to get insurance quotes and it costs you nothing! You just need to go online and search for “Insurance quotes.” There are hundreds of websites that offer quotes and will be eager to provide you with a quote.

Fill out a simple information form and provide details about the insurance products you wish to insure. In minutes you will start receiving contact from insurance companies and agents who are interested in your business. Compare the coverage offered and decide which vendor offers you the best deal. If you’re switching companies, most agents will handle all paperwork. Next, select your new insurance company. Then you can relax and enjoy YOUR SAVINGS!