Insurance Sales Questions – The Selling Question to Never Ask


You may be surprised at the number of questions you get about insurance sales. You are then taught to ask the selling question that will make you a sales rep. This question is the most important of all the insurance selling questions. Find out why it often backfires.

What happened to you when you first started your career in insurance sales? You were raised an objection at either your first or second appointment. This objection is the most important question in insurance sales. This question was supposed to make the objection a guarantee sale.

You were not informed that it was created by someone who probably never sold insurance or had a few sales marbles missing. This idiot should have been exiled and tarred for his actions, not praised. This logic is so susceptible to ruining a sale that it’s going down in my notes for the most terrible sales question you can ask any potential client.

If you are currently using this sales channel, one of two things is likely to happen. Either you won’t survive or your income will fall below the average salesperson. The prospect’s response to sales problems is often the kiss on death, rather than salvation.

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It is a concept that I’m sure you are deeply ingrained in your brain. This is the method that all salespeople are using, according to your sales manager. You are quickly brainwashed and become a believer. It was a successful sales career that I never used. I learned quickly that I shouldn’t praise anyone in the sales department or home office. To be more than average, you must say and do better.

This is the sales objection handler who has been most highly praised by morons. This type of question is asked at the beginning of every presentation. “If you could show you a way where I could solve your objection, would it be possible for you to buy my insurance product right now?” Wow, what a powerful sales line!

It is so explosive that it can blow up your sales presentation manual. You tried to sell the prospect before he was ready. Your prospect wasn’t ready to buy. Think of all the thoughts that are racing through your prospect’s head.

These are the silent thoughts reactions that you might be experiencing.

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1. “The salesperson will give me a 10-minute song and dance. He will expect me to take out my checkbook at the end. It’s not possible. This guy may be a con.

2. “This guy is a true greenhorn. “I just received the same line at both the furniture store and at the car dealership.”

3. “His speech sounds so robotic, I will have to cover it.”

4. “I should add this: If I could give you $20.00 now, would that be your offer? Would you accept it immediately?

5. “What if you simply replied with: Absolutely Not. Let’s see what trick this salesperson was taught to answer that question.

A sales professional would respond to the prospect statement, “The price seems high”, with more similarity. “I agree completely with you. It is rare to find a quality product that offers all of these benefits. People have left me without the ____ product. Then, suddenly, things change and people wish they had bought this product sooner. Everybody fears that their fears may become reality. They could instead eliminate their fears immediately. It’s possible, I’m not sure, that you cannot afford it.”

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I did not directly answer his objection. As an alternative, I offered a few reasons why he shouldn’t have asked the question. As a child, you may have played “hot potato”. The objection is simply thrown back. But not until you add some hot sparks. Who wants to hear that they can’t pay for something? Is it not strange to see a salesperson preparing to withdraw the offer? You suddenly become a rare breed in insurance salespeople.

Your statements challenge prospects and drive them to want your product. He now trusts you and respects your truth. He knows you are a survivor, and will reach out if he needs any help. The prospect is now convinced enough to sell you because of his sales objection question.

Cannabin lines and tricks are not effective in generating sales. You can make sales of 75% to 80% by being 30% closer. You must be honest, trustworthy, firm, flexible, and show trust. It is not common for sales managers to make $100,000 per year. Would you like to make $100,000 a year? If you take the time to learn from sales professionals about how to adapt and revise sales presentations, you can. The income of Sales Professionals is easily higher than that of most sales managers. They are able to prevent sales objections from ever happening. They will turn any sales objection into an opportunity to sell if it ever comes up.

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Don Yerke is a published author who likes to focus on the things you don’t know and what no one else dares print. It’s okay to tell it as it is.

His new paperback book will be available on Amazon in the early part of this summer. This book is full of great information about insurance marketing and recruitment.