Insurance Sales Success – Reason Number 21 You Can’t Sell


If you are looking for a quick solution, You can find a way to steadily rise up the ranks of top producers. You won’t succeed if you focus only on one of the five areas that are essential for professional success. Although sales are important, it’s very difficult to sell if your company doesn’t have a unique position on the market and a message that matches the needs of the market.

You’re not selling a product, you’re selling something that will last a lifetime. Don’t waste your time on closing techniques or gimmicky lines to get the prospect to buy. These closing techniques are not new to your prospects. They can also make prospects defensive and angry. These techniques can ruin your chances of earning the trust of your customers/prospects for many years. These techniques can lower your retention rate as customers feel ill-used.

To be a long-term success in insurance sales there are five areas you must master. While you won’t be able to immediately master each skill, you should create a plan to improve your skills in the weakest areas so that you can do better in the rest.

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No matter what industry you’re in, there is a clear order of business. You need to find a way to attract those customers. Your marketing is this. Marketing is the process of generating qualified leads that will enter your sales channel. If you don’t spend the time to market yourself, you will only have the time and opportunity to meet low-value prospects and make very few sales. You must be able to get customers out of your sales funnel once you have the right people in your funnel. Customers who exit your sales funnel should be raving fans. Exceeding their expectations is how you earn raving fans. Referring to others is a great way to earn referrals. These are the key elements to a successful business. You must also be able manage your time to ensure you are focusing on the most important tasks. Your leadership skills will help you have the self-control you need to be a top professional and motivate you to take the right steps to get the results that you want. To get it all working in harmony, you must create a strategic plan.

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A strategic plan helps you stay on track and ensures you are tracking the right activities. It is crucial to track the key results. Your strategic plan will help you create your dashboard. These five areas will help you grow steadily into the sales leader you desire to be, one step at time and one learning experience at each.