Insurance Selling: Examples Vs Testimonials

Are you using testimonials to sell annuities or insurance?

Using testimonials from clients or endorsements by attorneys or accountants can help to establish your credibility.

This can help you be more trusted by your prospect.

Most testimonials lack “substance”. They are often too vague or ambiguous. You might say that you are very professional and that your service is excellent. They may say things like “I’m very professional” or “Your service is great.” But that doesn’t tell you anything about the results you can achieve. That’s what your prospects need to know. This is the best way to make them feel valued and to have a reason for doing business with you.

Insurance Selling Requires Special Benefit Examples

Clients might claim that you have saved them money or solved a problem for them – which can be much better.

They don’t tell them “how” they saved money or what they actually did to solve their problem. Your testimonials are not authentic if they don’t include a full name, a photo and a quote.

Don’t get me wrong. If they are good testimonials, testimonials can be very useful.

It is not always easy to get good testimonials from clients. Sometimes the words used by clients are difficult to understand or taken out of context. There is an alternative way to prove your abilities and show the value of your services.

It is a real example of your work, also known as a “case study”.

These case stories don’t require testimonials from the client. Because they are written by you. They are faster and easier than testimonials, so prospects love reading them.

People psychologically trust case stories more than testimonials.

This is an example from one our customers:

Terri and Steve were both in their mid-50s when they first came to me in 2004 through a referral from a client.

They had $220,000 in their IRAs and a home worth $550,000.

Steve’s pension would also pay them $4,200 per month as long as they lived.

Terri and Steve assumed there was nothing they could do more to increase their incomes or lower their taxes.

They also created two additional sources of retirement income by using Hidden Wealth’s tax strategy – a $12,000 lifetime tax-free pension and $10,000 in tax-free income for the next 20 years.

They were able to transfer $700,000 in tax-free income to their children and $200,000 to their church.

They are expected to save over $390,000. Additionally, they will be able to retire with at least $440,000 using our Hidden Wealth tax strategy.

Another example is from the same customer:

Karen and Mark were in their 60s when Hidden Wealth completed their financial audit.

Their IRA had a market value $590,000. This was down from nearly $900,000. Before the crash, they also owned a home worth $640,000 and a mortgage balance of less than $80,000.

Karen inherited some undeveloped land worth $370,000 from her parents.

They believed they were doing everything possible to maximize their incomes and minimize taxes. After rearranging their capital assets using our Hidden Wealth tax strategy they were able to eliminate their home mortgage payments and purchase a summer home with no mortgage.

They also increased their annual income by $60,000 and created $1.5 million of tax-free inheritance for their children.

They saved nearly $500,000 on taxes and added $1,200,000 in retirement income through our Hidden Wealth tax strategy.

Actual Client Examples

These examples show that it is possible to create them yourself from real client experiences.

They can be as engaging and compelling as testimonials, regardless of whether they are published on your website, in a newsletter, or shared verbally with prospects.

Because they are able to show you the real benefits of working with us.