Insurance Trainee – Your Insurance Hiring Interview

This is the amazing advertisement for insurance trainees. You call the insurance company and ask them to interview you. The insurance company gives you an instant time slot to meet with one their insurance career sales managers. This is a fantastic opportunity that you are excited about and have already started to see the potential for earning a lot of money.

You are given directions by phone to a modern building located in an area not too far from the city. You feel instantly impressed upon entering the office. You can expect to wait between 15 and 45 minutes before you see the insurance career manager. She is busy at the moment and will need a few minutes to complete her tasks. As you feel anxious, you look around at pictures of your glamorous home office building. Finally, you are escorted by the secretary to the manager’s desk.

You are immediately surprised at how young the person is. This is a sign that you will be able to achieve success in a short amount of time. The newspaper advertisement must be true. A few dozen framed certificates from paper are hung on the wall of the manager’s office, giving it an air of knowledge. Interview is short and almost a continuation of the job ad. There are many opportunities that can be tapped. If you’re one of the chosen. It sounds like you may have the potential that the insurance company is seeking. If you are selected, the office will contact you within the next week.

After some days of anticipation, you are contacted by the insurance secretary to schedule the second interview for the position of insurance trainee. The insurance career manager assigned to you takes a different approach. A preprinted form is often pulled out with likely answers and questions. You answer the manager’s questions with about 15 questions. The sales manager secretly records your answer once you have given it. The sales manager will ask you questions about your past and present employment as well as the big question. What are your goals and why would you like to become an insurance trainee?

You will be escorted back into the waiting area while the manager reviews your results. You should expect to wait at least half an hour. Presto! You have been selected! You will be provided with details about the state licensing requirements and pre-training requirements. You will feel like you are on top of the world when you get home.

What about some tips to help you get out of a job as a career insurance sales manager?

1. Nearly 100% of people who answer the ad receive an interview.

2. 85 percent of those who show up for the first interview are called back to do the second interview

3. After the second interview, 80% of those who are selected for the job will be offered the opportunity to become insurance trainees.

4. The average age of an insurance sales manager is less than four years. Most likely, 2 or less years.

5. It was easy to get all the certificates in the office of the sales manager. In a year and half, I had received just 50 awards. They were equally valuable as my certificates frames.

6. Insurance sales managers need to continue to acquire insurance trainee after trainee. At least 85% of trainees will have left before the 18-month expires.

DECIDE IF YOUR INTERVIEW WAS A SLICK MARKETING PLOY. Next, determine if your personal abilities are sufficient to stand out from the rest.