Internet Lead Generation For Insurance Agents


When it comes to Internet lead generation, there are two options for insurance agents. An agent can either buy leads from an Internet company or build their own lead generation website and create their leads.

Buy Leads

It is important to purchase leads from companies that have experience in generating Internet-based insurance leads. Some new Internet lead generation companies rely on questionable marketing techniques, which can impact the quality of your leads.

Internet leads for insurance can cost between $5 and $30 depending on the type of lead (life insurance, annuity or auto). It’s also important to know if it’s an exclusive lead. Agents should confirm that the leads are unique as lead generation companies often sell the same leads to multiple agents.

Bad leads will be credited by legitimate Internet lead generation businesses. If you have a problem with a lead, you should be able call the company to speak to a representative.

Build a Lead Generation Website

Agents have a great opportunity to create a high-quality lead generation website. Agents can set up a website in their area and create pages based on what people search for. If an agent is located in California, they can search keywords such as ‘insurance’ and ‘California, as well as specific counties or towns in their area. (Keywords are a term that describes what people type into the search engines). If an agent finds that people search for ‘California’ and ‘San Francisco’ insurance brokers, they can create a page for each keyword phrase.

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Agents may discover many keywords and phrases as they dig deeper into keyword research. One page will not suffice. Because each page is likely to get just a few searches per year, you need a mix of many pages. The more pages you create, the greater your chances of being ranked in search engines. Multiple pages of content can be called “content-based” websites.

Quality content is the key to building a content-based website that succeeds. Content is essential because your website shouldn’t look like it’s trying to sell anything. To build trust with your prospect, you want pages that provide high quality information.

An ‘opt in’ lead generation system is the second option. You could offer your prospect a free newsletter and/or a course via an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a web-based marketing tool that automatically sends information if they ‘opt in’ to your information. You can capture names and e mail addresses for direct mail and Internet marketing. If you don’t have quality content, and ask someone to sign up for your autoresponder or newsletter, they may not respond.

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You will be rewarded for your time in building the website.

A ‘landingpage’ website is an alternative to a content-based web site. A landing page is essentially a single-page website. Its main purpose is to encourage prospects to sign up for a report, mini-course or newsletter. To build trust and credibility, your content will not be enough. Your copywriting skills will be required to convince your prospect to submit their information to your landing page.

A landing page website is not likely to rank well in search engines. To generate Internet insurance leads an agent will need to use ‘pay per Click’ advertising. This means you pay for traffic to the site.

A good insurance agent can develop a large clientele by acquiring leads from reliable lead generation companies and creating a quality website. It takes a bit of patience and diligence.