Is A Pontiac G6 Expensive To Insure?

Pontiac G6 mid-sized sedan was produced by General Motors until their financial crisis forced their bankruptcy, and is still widely available on the pre-owned market for an affordable price.

Cost of Pontiac G6 car insurance premiums depends on many variables, including location, driving history and vehicle specifications. But there are strategies available to drivers that could save them money on premiums.

Driving record

Pontiac G6 owners have many insurance coverage options to select from when it comes to insuring their vehicle. Liability coverage covers damages sustained in accidents for which an insured driver was at fault; comprehensive and collision coverage offer comprehensive protection from non-collision incidents such as theft, natural disasters or vandalism; additionally they may purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage or medical payments coverage as supplemental policies.

Cost of car insurance depends on many factors, including an individual driver’s driving record, location and the coverage they select. Younger drivers tend to pay higher premiums than experienced ones while living in high crime areas may lead to higher insurance costs compared to lower crime areas. Also deductible amounts chosen by drivers have an enormous effect on insurance costs: those choosing higher deductibles usually experience reduced premiums but it is essential that you can cover it if an accident or claim occurs.

Age can also play a factor in insurance rates. Newer models of Pontiac G6 typically command higher market values and therefore costlier insurance premiums compared to older versions; however, some recent model years may offer advanced safety features that reduce accidents and can therefore decrease rates.

No matter what model year your vehicle may be, the key to reducing your auto insurance rate is maintaining a clean driving history and avoiding traffic violations or accidents. Not only will this help to keep premiums affordable; it will also establish a positive driving history which could qualify you for discounts when renewing.

At its core, the key to finding affordable Pontiac G6 insurance coverage lies in comparison shopping and comparing quotes from multiple providers. Also consider bundling multiple policies together like homeowner’s or renter’s to take advantage of discounts available only to multi-policy holders. Finally, maintaining a healthy credit score is critical if you wish to get the best possible rates for your Pontiac G6 coverage.


Pontiac may be the smallest brand from General Motors (GM), yet they still produce a model that caters to consumers seeking sporty styling with upmarket touches. Pontiac’s G6 model comes built on a long wheelbase and available as coupe, convertible and sedan models; its distinctive wedge shape with wraparound headlights stands out among its competitors; front and rear overhangs are short while chrome accents give this vehicle its signature Pontiac look while pushing forward its windshield for sharper rake.

The base model is a four-cylinder with 164 horsepower and four-speed automatic transmission. It boasts a spacious trunk that holds up to 14 cubic feet of cargo and comes standard with air conditioning, power windows/locks/cruise control. For an upgraded experience, opt for the GXP version with its large rear wing which makes for a far more bizarre appearance than any aftermarket wing available today.

Used G6 models often come equipped with the mid-level V6 engine, producing 224 horsepower and 220 lb-ft of torque. This model offers significantly more power than its four-cylinder counterpart while still offering better gas mileage. Make sure when purchasing either new or pre-owned that it meets your specific engine needs for maximum satisfaction.

G6 drivers find the vehicle engaging and entertaining to drive, thanks to its precise handling and precision compared with cars from BMW, Honda and Audi. Seats are firm yet comfortable for maximum driving comfort while its interior quality stands up well against rival cars from these manufacturers. While its price may put off luxury shoppers entirely, used G6s offer great potential as sporty sedans that could make a statement in any setting.

The G6 has only had one official recall and four additional issues reported by owners, which include issues with brake lights, airbag sensors and shift cables. Before purchasing your G6, always contact your local dealership to see if there have been any recalls or other problems reported; should any exist, be prepared to negotiate for lower pricing or select another vehicle instead.

Vehicle specifications

Pontiac G6 was General Motors’ final attempt to keep midsize sedan market competitive. First introduced as the successor to Grand Am in 2005, this model offered several engine choices and several body styles (convertible and two coupe). For 2008 Pontiac redesigned their G6 with standard antilock brakes and next-generation side airbags as standard features while making six-speed automatic transmission available across the board.

The G6’s design was intended to make an impression. With its elegant exterior and eye-catching beltline, its creator, Jeff Perkins aimed for an aesthetic that combined sportiness and sophistication.

Cargo space in both models is abundant, with the sedan boasting 12.6 cubic feet and 14 for the coupe. Unlike its competitors, which use gooseneck-style trunk hinges that interfere with cargo storage, the G6 employs gas-charged struts to raise and lower its trunk lid for easier cargo access.

Crash testing found the G6 to earn top marks for passenger safety, with its side-impact test results showing that its head of driver dummy stopped short of seat centerline and that of rear passenger dummy was well within airbag protective zone. Unfortunately, however, federal requirements were not met when conducting roof crush and rollover tests on this vehicle.

As a result, neither airbag was activated during the rollover test, and its protection bar was too high. Furthermore, this car failed to meet federal standards for its drowsiness detection system, which calls for automatic headlights to come on during low speed conditions and an lane-departure warning feature to come on automatically.

Though flawed, the G6 proved popular among drivers. Its interior focused on driver comfort with its sporty cockpit and intuitively placed controls; an instrument panel boasted of brushed metal accents and racing-style gauges with red LED backlighting; GT and GXP trims offered more upscale interiors including heated leather seats and power tilt/telescoping steering wheels, retractable hardtop convertible seating space for four, as well as powerful four-cylinder engines coupled with either five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission options; plus all versions were equipped with powerful four cylinder engines paired with either five speed manual transmission or six speed automatic transmission options.


Pontiac G6 midsize sedan was manufactured by General Motors between 2005 and 2009. Featuring power steering, CD player, and rear spoiler; this car competed against popular models like Toyota Camry and Honda Accord; with average insurance costs.

Insurance premiums are significantly influenced by drivers’ records. Drivers with clean records typically pay lower premiums; on the other hand, those involved in accidents or have tickets will typically incur higher rates. Furthermore, their type of coverage and deductible selection will have an impactful effect on policy costs.

When purchasing car insurance policies, it’s essential to compare quotes from multiple companies. Each insurance provider uses different algorithms when setting rates; by comparing quotes you can quickly find the ideal policy at an ideal rate for your vehicle. Furthermore, be on the lookout for discounts or special programs which may save money; such as good driver discounts or multi-policy programs.

Location also plays an integral part in the cost of insurance premiums. Generally, urban areas tend to have higher population densities and thus higher insurance rates than rural ones; however there may be exceptions such as suburban communities with lower insurance rates than cities.

Your car type and location both play an integral role in determining your insurance premiums. In general, more expensive cars tend to carry higher insurance rates due to being more likely to be stolen or damaged; however, you could decrease these costs by opting for smaller or cheaper models.

There are several strategies you can employ to lower the costs associated with auto insurance for a Pontiac G6. First and foremost, opting for an inexpensive model or taking safety classes to enhance driving abilities may lower premiums; alternatively you could consider comprehensive car insurance policies with lower deductibles; bundling these policies together could provide further discounts.