Is Apexm Covered By Insurance?

Apexm is a pelvic muscle stimulation device designed to decrease stress urinary incontinence by strengthening muscles in your groin area and reduce stress urinary incontinence. Medicare covers this device if prescribed by a doctor as medically necessary and purchased through an in-network provider.

Property Coverage Insurance from Apex Risk provides customized coverage options and expert risk evaluation to protect your business assets from potential damages, losses, theft and other unforeseen events. With tailored plans available and expert risk evaluation available at every turn, Property Coverage can provide essential protection.

Property Coverage Insurance

Apex Risk offers property coverage insurance to help your business protect itself against various threats, such as theft, fire and natural disasters. Their comprehensive solution safeguards all aspects of their physical properties as well as inventory money and other valuable assets in one policy.

Home insurance is one of the most essential investments you’ll make, protecting it against various risks. A standard policy typically covers your house structure, personal belongings and liability as well as “other structures”, like detached garages or sheds.

Insurance carriers consider various factors when setting premiums, including location, credit score and desired coverage levels. An Apex-area policy providing between $200,000-299,999 of dwelling coverage can cost an average annual premium of about $1,074.

Apex Insurance Services is a wholesale broker and program administrator offering Property & Casualty, Workers’ Compensation, and specialty solutions for public entities and schools. Provides excess/reinsurance placement coverage to over 70 public entity and educational pools/trusts nationwide. An A+ admitted and surplus lines carrier that offers hard-to-place workers’ compensation coverage as well as auto liability, public official, employment practice liability coverage for school boards legal liability coverage as well as law enforcement liability protection, its in-house underwriting team has access to mainstream and specialized excess workers’ compensation markets and is a pioneer in developing multi-family residential properties through specialty coverage offerings.

Inland Marine Coverage

Originating from ocean marine insurance, inland marine coverage provides coverage for goods traveling over land, property that does not remain stationary and instrumentalities of transportation and communication (such as bridges and roads). Such policies are known as floater policies because they offer coverage regardless of an insured’s actual location; often more comprehensive than standard property policies forms.

Inland marine coverage is essential to almost all businesses, whether retailers transporting products between locations or service providers that must transport equipment between client sites. Contractors relying on inland marine to protect their construction tools and equipment off site are another group that uses it to secure their investments.

Individuals with high-value jewelry or equipment that must travel between locations can also acquire inland marine coverage to safeguard their investments. Furthermore, leasing companies or banks often mandate it.

Apex features multiple limited distribution and semi-exclusive carriers offering commercial inland marine policies with A- ratings or better. In addition, Apex provides comprehensive risk transfer solutions and premium financing to enable its clients to operate more efficiently while increasing capacity for non-traditional business risks. Connect with us now so we can assist in fulfilling all of your inland marine needs!

Cargo Transit Coverage

Cargo transit insurance covers your goods and cargo while they’re being transported within the boundaries of one country, similar to marine cargo insurance; both offer protection during transportation, yet differ by only covering goods within those borders.

Your required type and level of coverage depends upon the nature and value of your goods as well as their mode of transportation. For fragile, perishable or high-value goods that must travel by sea or air transport, comprehensive protection plans that include accidental damage coverage are important to ensure safe delivery.

Marine cargo insurance covers an array of potential losses due to delays or non-delivery of goods, demolition costs if containers where damage liability lies with you, General Average and Salvage coverage as well as much more. It can often be included as part of shipping charges with carriers or third parties like Apex Logistics providing this insurance. Otherwise, we make reasonable efforts on receipt of written instructions from Customers well ahead of shipment departure, clearly outlining what type and amount of coverage are necessary.

Business Income Coverage

Business income coverage, also known as extra expense coverage, provides protection for lost revenue when a business must close or slow down for reasons outside its control. Often included as part of commercial property insurance policies, extra expense coverage covers operating expenses like payroll while property is being repaired after damage from a covered loss has occurred; additionally it can cover expenses related to reopening after extended closure of operations.

Imagine your sports equipment store has experienced significant wind damage and must close temporarily while repairs are made, business income coverage would provide relief from potential income losses due to this closure. Payments would be determined according to actual losses sustained and restoration timeframe, and may also cover loss of customers or inventory.

Apex Broker Services is dedicated to offering industry-leading products to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From Comprehensive Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans that comply with PPACA to additional specialty coverage that supplements existing programs, Apex has you covered. With proven methods for alternative risk insurance underwriting and premium financing solutions that ensure competitively priced plans with 4-year rate locks – contact us to discover how Apex can offer solutions tailored specifically for your business!

Building & Building Ordinance Coverage

Building ordinance coverage is a specialized type of insurance designed to assist property owners in covering the high demolition and construction costs associated with upgrading damaged buildings to comply with city code specifications. Older structures often need upgrades in areas like HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning), wiring, fencing materials roofing materials or plumbing units in order to comply with current standards; building ordinance coverage often won’t cover such expenses. Unfortunately this type of coverage often comes at an added expense that’s usually not included as part of a standard property policy policy.

Ordinance or Law coverage A, B and C can help ensure that you have enough funds available to cover these additional expenses. For instance, if John’s home was significantly damaged in a fire, city regulations might dictate that 60% of it be demolished and rebuilt according to current codes – leaving him needing other sources of financing in order to meet this obligation. Ordinance or Law coverages provide peace of mind by covering these additional expenses without risking financial loss from having his basic property insurance cover just the damage alone.

Building ordinance coverage can be purchased as an add-on to a standard commercial property policy at a reasonable premium. Please reach out to an insurance professional to learn more about this essential protection option.

Contractor’s Equipment Coverage

Apex Risk offers contractor’s equipment coverage to safeguard contractors against financial losses caused by damage, theft or other covered events to their machinery and tools used for construction projects. Property and business interruption insurance solutions from ITI provide contractors with peace of mind, so they can focus on their work knowing they’re protected. Contractors must also present proof of general liability insurance in an amount no less than $1,000,000 and commercial auto insurance of $2 Million as well as proof of workers’ compensation insurance coverage with certificates listing Apex as an additional insured with blanket additional insured provisions.