Is it Safe to Provide Personal Data When Getting an Auto Insurance Quote?


Many people are worried about sharing their personal information online when they get an auto insurance quote. They don’t want their data used for anything other than an auto insurance quote. This is a normal fear, given that some companies gather information in order to sell it to third parties. Although not all companies perform such a malicious task however, some people may feel that they don’t need to give their personal information in order to get an auto insurance quote.

Although there are reasons for the information being needed, individuals have concerns about keeping their personal information private. This is not a ridiculous concern. However, a respectable company who wants to earn the trust of customers seeking quotes will keep their information confidential. The sharing of information builds trust, and gives individuals a reason to use the company’s insurance services. A company that violates this trust is unlikely to win new business.

Building trust

Once the potential customer starts entering their information in the fields on the website, trust is established. This information is kept private to protect you, the customer and their well-being. By sharing this information with third parties, they are not likely to compromise the cost-savings of auto insurance quotes online. Their entire system would be at risk, and this is a problem considering how many insurance companies acquire their customers online. They don’t have a functioning system to attract new customers if they don’t have an online quotation system. It’s that simple.

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They may also be able to acquire new customers but lose those customers if their personal information is sold to third parties. Any self-respecting business would not do such a thing. Their business is in providing auto insurance policies, not selling your data.

Is it really safe?

It is safe to give your information. You should verify who the quote is being sent to, especially if your company becomes a customer. Sign-up is not required and your credit score won’t be affected. It is not necessary to request a social security number for a quote. Quotes are free and safe. Quotes are free and secure. They do not require an individual to purchase insurance. The company provides a tool that allows the customer to make an informed decision about which auto insurance best suits their needs. When you receive a quote, there are no ulterior motives. It’s a company that wants to build new relationships with customers, and offer services that make the customer happy.

The auto insurance company has given their quote and the customer has decided to go with it. This is the auto insurer acquiring a new customer. This is the goal of their online auto insurance quote tool. It is clear that they will be more successful in gaining a new customer than by violating the trust of others and selling their information to them. This is just one way that a business could cause significant damage to itself, so why would they do it? They wouldn’t.

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