Is Primerica Life Insurance Worth It?

MoneyGeek advises conducting your own research before purchasing life insurance from Primerica, since their agents are known to push customers too aggressively during sales sessions.

Primerica only offers term life insurance policies, which don’t build cash value or pay dividends; thus you cannot borrow against or withdraw from them.


MoneyGeek conducted research of more than 90 insurers and discovered some had higher financial strength ratings, customer service standards, product variety and rider selection options as well as cost. When searching for life insurance policies it pays to shop around – MoneyGeek conducted extensive analyses on over 90 of them! Primerica Life Insurance Company of the U.S. offers one of the nation’s leading life insurance products and provides a complimentary “Financial Needs Analysis.” To best assess their coverage needs, customers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Primerica’s multilevel marketing structure before making their purchase decision. Primerica agents operate as independent contractors rather than employees of the company; this makes the sales process more complex compared to working for State Farm or Farmers where agents receive office space and brand recognition from these insurers.

Primerica offers reasonable term life insurance prices, but isn’t always the cheapest choice available to those searching for term insurance policies. Other providers may offer lower premiums or larger face amounts with additional features like return of premium riders or guaranteed insurability benefits up to age 95 that allow policy renewal without medical exams.

Underwriting criteria at this company are relatively flexible, however applicants with certain health conditions will find it harder to qualify for coverage. Individuals suffering from chronic health conditions should take steps to improve their wellbeing before seeking coverage through this provider; otherwise they can apply for no-medical-exam policies which make qualifying easier.

MoneyGeek reports that Primerica stands out among its competitors by having significantly fewer consumer complaints. Their complaint index (adjusted for size) stands at 0.48, significantly lower than industry norm. Furthermore, AM Best gives Primerica high financial ratings and it is recognized among Fortune 1000.

Primerica’s term life policies differ from most others by not building cash value; as a result, policyholders cannot borrow against it; however, should they require money for debt or final expenses they can usually get their payout within 14 days after filing their claim and even benefit from direct deposit for faster processing times.


Primerica provides various term life insurance plans, such as TermNow and Custom Advanatge plans. These policies are tailored toward individuals looking to ensure that their loved ones will be taken care of should something arise that leaves them no option but death; however, these do not provide whole life or cash value coverage which might be important factors for some consumers.

The company provides various add-ons, such as a waiver of premium rider that suspends policy payments if you become disabled or unable to work. There’s also an accelerated death benefit rider that gives access to up to 40% of death benefits should terminal illness arise; both options can help ensure you won’t end up with unmanageable debts after you die.

Be mindful that while this company offers guaranteed issue life insurance policies – meaning it accepts applicants regardless of their health status – this may be especially advantageous for people living with preexisting conditions who struggle to find life insurance companies that accept them. But remember, most other life insurers still require medical exams prior to acceptance into coverage.

Primerica provides more than life insurance policies; they also offer financial services. Primerica’s Financial Needs Analysis service helps customers assess their individual situations and recommend suitable products – it comes free with Primerica term life products! Customers can reach customer service representatives either via e-mail or toll-free number for help with any inquiries or queries that arise.

Primerica customers can rely on its network of local agents for support when filing claims and can also utilize online resources that can assist in selecting a policy tailored specifically to their needs and budget. Unfortunately, however, some online reviews have been critical of Primerica’s customer service.

Whilst this insurance provider enjoys high marks from the Better Business Bureau, J.D. Power and Associates did not rank them accordingly. J.D. Power ranks companies according to five criteria – customer satisfaction, financial strength, policy coverage and riders – taking into account factors like cost, product choice and claims processing when creating its rankings methodology.


Primerica term life insurance policies come equipped with various riders that can protect your family. Riders such as premium reduction and death benefit replacement are designed to ease premium payments or replace lost benefits in case something happens to you; it’s important that before purchasing one from Primerica, all risks involved must be carefully evaluated.

Primerica was established in 1977 under the name A.L. Williams & Associates and changed to its current form, Primerica in 1991. Specializing in providing low-cost term life insurance to both families and individuals at an affordable rate, their products are sold by independent sellers operating through network marketing models; though this has come under criticism by some, Primerica issued a statement assuring customers it does not use multi-level marketing models to sell its products.

Primerica’s main drawbacks lie with their high sales pressure; many consumers have expressed displeasure with how aggressively agents tried to sell policies to them. Yet despite this reputation for high sales pressure and financial stability (paying 94% of claims within 14 days on average) A.M. Best has awarded it with an A+ rating.

Primerica may not be your best choice when it comes to comprehensive life insurance policies, as unlike companies such as State Farm or Farmers it does not provide fully underwritten coverage options for most health conditions. Instead they have developed an accelerated underwriting policy called TermNow which offers limited coverage of up to $400,000 without needing a medical exam; however the premiums tend to be significantly higher due to this approach.

Primerica provides more than life insurance; they specialize in selling mutual funds and investment accounts through licensed agents, retirement planning and mortgage loans as well as retirement planning and planning. Purchased by Citigroup in 2005 as an affiliate of PFS which also markets the Smith Barney line of mutual funds and CitiFinancial mortgages/loans.

Primerica is known for providing excellent customer service; however, before making your decision it’s worth comparing rates from multiple life insurers. NerdWallet suggests getting quotes from various providers to find the most cost-effective policy options with increasing benefit riders if cost concerns are an issue.

Customer service

Primerica Life Insurance uses a network marketing business model, with agents encouraged to recruit friends and family as part-time salespeople for Primerica products. This can lead to feelings of pressure to buy Primerica policies; and could even cause unsuitable policies to be purchased as the company lacks transparency around term lengths and coverage limits on its website – something many potential customers find disconcerting.

Primerica does not provide permanent coverage, which many older individuals require as they age. Instead, Primerica only offers term life policies which tend to be less expensive than other forms of coverage. While this may suit some consumers well, it is crucial that consumers understand the differences between term and whole life insurance before purchasing one.

Primerica may have earned itself a bad reputation when it comes to customer service, yet their overall rating remains positive. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners report on company complaints indexes; Primerica scored below 1.0; this indicates a low industry benchmark. Furthermore, note that these ratings adjust for company size so a lower index doesn’t necessarily indicate less complaints.

Primerica may receive high marks for financial stability, yet customer satisfaction in other areas may be lower than anticipated. According to J.D. Power’s 2022 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study based on customer satisfaction, product variety, buying experience and costs; they scored 13 out of 22 companies studied.

Furthermore, the company lacks a comprehensive list of disqualification factors on its website, making it more difficult for potential customers to assess whether they qualify for coverage. This issue becomes particularly pressing when certain circumstances – like suicide within a specific period after policy purchase – are excluded from coverage.