Is State Farm Auto Insurance Good?

State Farm is one of the country’s leading auto insurers, offering various coverage options, discounts and services at competitive rates. They boast a high customer satisfaction rating from third-party sources.

State Farm also offers additional discounts, including its Drive Safe & Save usage-based program and Steer Clear discounts for new drivers. Furthermore, State Farm provides rental car and travel expense coverage as standard features.

It offers a variety of coverage options

State Farm provides coverage options tailored to the specific needs of different drivers. They also offer various discounts that can reduce the cost of car insurance; some discounts apply regardless of state and policy type, while others vary according to location or policy type. Bundling auto and other policies together could save up to 17% according to State Farm’s ads.

State Farm stands as a top provider in the US and is widely known for customer satisfaction. Their friendly local agents provide exceptional service across the nation with over 19,000 representatives representing them. State Farm also enjoys high ratings from A.M. Best and S&P Global Ratings regarding financial strength as well as having a solid track record in paying its claims promptly.

State Farm offers comprehensive and collision coverages that are two of the most frequently requested protection options, helping to safeguard against damage or theft of vehicles. Before purchasing these coverages, however, it’s wise to first determine the value of your car through an online tool such as Kelley Blue Book.

The company also provides additional coverages such as roadside assistance, rideshare endorsement and rental car reimbursement – services which could save a substantial amount if an accident or theft occur. Their roadside assistance package covers expenses such as mechanical labor at breakdown sites; locksmith labor in cases where keys have been lost or locked inside your car; towing services; delivery of gas, oil or batteries and flat tire changes – providing valuable peace of mind should any accidents occur or your car be stolen.

State Farm’s roadside assistance coverage extends to your rideshare business when working for apps such as Lyft and Uber, making it easier to return to driving following an accident or breakdown.

State Farm rates depend on various factors, including age, driving history and other aspects. Older drivers typically pay lower premiums than younger ones; they also offer the Steer Clear program for drivers to demonstrate safe driving practices through app-based telematics to get discounts.

It offers a usage-based program called Drive Safe & Save

The Drive Safe & Save program offers auto insurance discounts to drivers who practice safe driving habits. Utilizing telematics technology, this program collects and grades driving data such as acceleration, braking, turning speed and turning radius as well as time spent driving and whether any phone use while on the road has taken place while grading this data. Ideal for households with multiple drivers looking to save on car insurance costs this is an attractive solution.

State Farm is well-regarded for their customer satisfaction, with customer reviews ranking below the national average and earning them an A grade from CRASH Network in 2023. They offer several products to help with car repair needs such as their roadside assistance plan covering up to 100 miles annually; roadside assistance for tires; towing; and fuel delivery service as well.

State Farm Drive Safe and Save program customers can expect a discount of up to 30% on their policy premium. Though not available everywhere, the program should still be taken into consideration if you are an excellent driver with low mileage. There are a few considerations before joining, though: make sure that sharing of driving data won’t pose an issue; understand that mileage affects premium amounts which in turn might limit any discounts you might earn; also understand that having multiple policies might limit how much discount can be earned at once.

State Farm will only apply savings towards your next policy renewal – unlike some telematics programs which could increase rates even if driving less safely is the issue.

Participating in the Drive Safe and Save program also involves providing regular odometer readings – this may present challenges for those with long commutes – however these readings will only be used to calculate your discount amount; if your vehicle is being used commercially then participating should be avoided.

It offers competitive rates for drivers with a DUI

State Farm offers some of the lowest rates for drivers with DUI records compared to other insurers, according to our research. A driver with clean records and good credit would pay about $1,139 annually for full coverage auto insurance – which includes bodily injury liability coverage as well as property damage liability – with its minimum coverage costs being well below national averages. It’s always wise to get multiple quotes and speak with friends and family about their experiences with various car insurers before making your final decision.

Drivers charged with DUI can expect higher premiums for auto insurance policies, but State Farm has competitive rates for high-risk drivers – its premiums are lower than USAA or other top companies like Safeco. In addition, State Farm is well known for excellent customer service; their claims services were recognized in J.D. Power’s 2023 U.S. Auto Insurance Study while receiving far fewer customer complaints than average providers.

State Farm not only offers competitive rates for high-risk drivers, but they also offer several additional benefits and discounts that can help save you money on auto insurance premiums. These include the Good Student discount which gives savings to students with top 20% class grades or qualifying test scores; as well as its Steer Clear safe driving program which rewards young drivers under 25 with savings by mandating them to complete driver education training courses.

State Farm Insurance also offers home and property coverage that safeguards against theft or disaster, making the most valuable assets safe from potential loss or theft. Their homeowners insurance plans are affordable compared to competitors’ offerings and often provide discounts if purchased multiple times at once or bundling. Furthermore, State Farm offers extended home warranty plans so that appliances remain functional longer.

State Farm also provides renters and condo insurance to protect your possessions in case of disaster. Their home insurance is highly-rated and competitively priced; condo and rental coverage is also affordable for most families. They also offer an easy online portal to manage policies with flexible payment options such as automatic payments.

It offers good customer service

State Farm is an auto insurance provider known for their nationwide network of agents and competitive rates. State Farm’s customer service is of top-notch quality, while their website makes it simple to get quotes, find agents or manage claims. In addition to standard coverage options like Drive Safe & Save which can save up to 30%, State Farm also offers discounts to drivers with clean driving records and good credit scores as well as multiple other discounts that could potentially save even more.

Bundling State Farm auto insurance with other policies or products such as homeowners or renters policies can save customers on premiums, such as homeowners or renters policies. State Farm has an app for policyholders that lets them access their insurance card, contact their agent and monitor claim status – State Farm is among all major car insurers with high customer satisfaction ratings in many categories, including filing a claim and receiving payment checks.

State Farm stands out among other companies by having relatively few complaints to state insurance regulators and having earned high marks from market intelligence firm J.D. Power’s measure of customer satisfaction, which also recognizes its customer-friendly claims process with quality parts and timely payments.

Comprehensive coverage from State Farm is offered to almost all drivers, while its deductibles are higher than most competitors’ policies. While higher deductibles can help lower premiums, they will increase out of pocket costs should an accident occur.

State Farm also offers optional coverages such as roadside assistance, towing and rental car reimbursement. Roadside assistance programs from State Farm may cover up to $50 a day in meals and lodging expenses in case of an accident or breakdown, while its towing and rental car reimbursement programs help lower replacement vehicle costs.

State Farm also offers discounts that can save up to 25% off premium costs, such as the Good Student discount – available to any driver on their State Farm policy who receives good grades (top 20% of class, qualifying test scores or 3.0 GPA). Furthermore, participation in their Steer Clear young driver monitoring program could save 15%.