Is the Capital One Spark Cash Plus worth the $150 annual fee?

Capital One Spark Cash Plus card is tailored specifically to high-volume business spenders. It comes with an attractive welcome offer and many perks including employee cards, roadside assistance coverage and extended warranty coverage.

However, the $150 annual fee might be an obstacle for small businesses considering applying. So is this card really worth investing in?

2% cash back on all purchases

Spark Cash Plus provides one of the highest flat cash back rates and sign-up bonuses among business credit cards, making it an attractive choice for companies that spend heavily. However, it should be remembered that this card is actually a charge card which requires payments in full each month or be subject to a 2.99% fee that could offset some of its advantages.

Capital One Travel offers employee cards without incurring extra fees, while offering unlimited 2% cash back on purchases – including hotel and rental car bookings made through Capital One Travel. In addition, each year when meeting your spending requirement of $200,000 you’ll get a $200 bonus bonus which more than offsets any annual fees for many business owners.

Another distinct feature of this card is its undetermined credit limit; each month it adjusts based on your spending patterns, payment history and credit profile – an invaluable feature for anyone having trouble keeping track of business expenses or who have had problems in the past with credit limits.

Finaly, it’s essential to keep in mind that this card requires outstanding personal credit in order for approval. While this is typical for business cards, it is still essential that your own individual creditworthiness be taken into consideration before applying. You can access your free credit score via WalletHub so as to see your standing; with high enough scores qualifying shouldn’t be an issue.

No preset spending limit

Credit cards have become more and more popular with business owners in recent years; however, many small businesses still rely on cash for operating expenses. That means most business owners seek a card that offers them the chance to earn 2% cash back on all purchases; Capital One Spark Cash Plus stands out as an option that offers such rewards; including an impressive welcome bonus and $150 annual fee refund.

Spark Cash Plus charge card is designed with no set spending limits, making it an excellent option for businesses that need flexible credit limits. This feature allows the card to adapt according to each business’s spending habits and payment history; plus it comes with numerous redemption options including statement credits, checks, travel vouchers and gift cards.

Keep in mind, though, that Spark Cash Plus is a charge card and therefore must be repaid in full by its due date each month or else incur a 2.99% late fee on outstanding balances; this could add up over time especially with larger businesses which make frequent purchases.

Overall, the Capital One Spark Cash Plus card is an ideal solution for business owners seeking 2% cash back on all purchases made. It comes with a generous welcome bonus and no foreign transaction fees as well as other useful features; however it should be remembered that it carries an annual fee of $150 that could prove challenging to justify for some businesses.

No foreign transaction fees

Capital One Spark Cash Plus card stands out from many rewards cards for business by not charging any foreign transaction fees, making it an attractive option for those traveling internationally frequently for work. Furthermore, its one-time $1200 bonus for spending $30,000 within three months sets it apart and also its high cash back rate on all purchases rather than just those within bonus categories.

American Express Blue Business Cash Card provides flat business rewards that come close to matching those offered by Spark Cash Plus, including comparable base cash-back rates and additional benefits such as secondary car rental coverage and Global Assist Hotline access. However, this card also requires a higher minimum credit score (750) and has more stringent annual fee requirements ($450).

Spark Cash Plus should also be seen as a charge card, meaning there is no set spending limit and you must clear off your balance in full each month to avoid incurring a 2.99% late fee on any unpaid portion. If this requirement can’t be met for whatever reason, this could be an unwise option for your business.

As is typical with charge cards, Spark Cash Plus requires you as the cardholder to provide a personal guarantee; should your business fail to repay its debts on time, the credit card issuer could pursue you personally for repayment of its dues. Although such cases are rare, it should still be kept in mind when considering such cards for business use.

Simple rewards program

Capital One Spark Cash Plus stands apart from business credit cards by providing flat cash back on all purchases – no matter whether it be travel, technology or anything else. In addition, this card features a generous welcome bonus as well as an annual fee refund every time you spend $150,000 or more with it each year! Furthermore, additional benefits such as rental collision insurance, purchase protection and extended warranties make this card standout from similar offerings.

This card is a charge card, meaning that it allows users to carry over balances from month-to-month if the full payment due by your billing cycle end date is paid in full – otherwise interest charges will apply on any outstanding balances. As a result, this makes this an ideal solution for business owners looking for ease in meeting minimum spending requirements or managing rewards earning categories in each billing cycle.

Spark Cash Plus not only offers a flat cash back rate but also provides various methods of redeeming it. Your rewards could come in the form of statement credits, gift cards or even checks! Plus you can set automatic redemption preferences that activate on specific dates each year or once a threshold has been met!

Though this card’s annual fee of $150 may seem higher than some competitors’ offerings, it could still provide good value to businesses if they meet its hefty spending requirement and take advantage of all its perks. In addition, its security features – including no fraud liability and the option to lock and unlock it – make this option well-worth considering for businesses with substantial spending needs.

Easy to use

Capital One Spark Cash Plus card provides business owners with excellent credit scores (generally above 740) an effective way to both gain rewards and reduce expenses. It features an impressive welcome bonus, no foreign transaction fees and extensive business tools – which all make for a solid investment for entrepreneurs looking to grow.

As with any credit card, paying your balance off each month in full with the Spark Cash Plus is key if you want to maximize earnings and minimize interest charges. Other features of the card that could prove helpful include downloading purchase records in various formats as well as roadside assistance.

Capital One Spark Cash Plus stands out as a stand-out business card by offering an unprecedented 2% cash back rate across all purchases – an exceptional feature when compared with cards that charge lower annual fees but offer limited earnings power.

Another benefit of the card is its no preset spending limit, which will adjust according to your spending behavior, payment history, and credit profile – a welcome feature for businesses that often run up against credit limits when using traditional business cards.

Capital One Spark Cash Plus stands out from its competition by not charging any foreign transaction fees, making it ideal for businesses traveling overseas. Additional perks include employee cards with customizable spending limits and card lock to protect lost or stolen cards as well as extended warranty coverage and zero fraud liability coverage. Plus, its $150 annual fee can be waived when spending at least $150,000 annually to receive up to $1,200 worth of rewards!