Is the Chase Ink Business Preferred worth it?

For business credit cards that provide generous rewards and comprehensive travel protections, the Ink Business Preferred is worth consideration. Earn 3 points for every dollar spent in bonus categories while enjoying an exceptional sign-up bonus.

It boasts one of the best points-earning rates, dynamic bonus categories and cardholder perks available on the market today, as well as comprehensive travel protection features including primary auto rental coverage and trip cancellation/interruption insurance coverage.

No foreign transaction fees

The Chase Ink Business Preferred card is one of the best business credit cards for travel rewards and comes with an attractive sign-up bonus, but only suitable for businesses spending significantly in Chase’s bonus categories and traveling frequently enough to maximize the benefits offered by it. If this criteria don’t apply to you, other cards with higher bonus offers and reduced annual fees could be better alternatives for your business.

The Ink Business Preferred credit card features no foreign transaction fees and offers 3X points across many travel-spending categories, with a generous welcome offer of 100,000 points after spending $8,000 in three months from opening your card – this could equal $1,250 toward airfare or hotels booked through Chase Ultimate Rewards portal or transferred directly into leading frequent travel programs at 1:1 rates.

One benefit is baggage delay coverage, which reimburses for lost toiletries and clothing during long flight delays. Furthermore, this card also covers expenses related to food and transportation if your flight requires an overnight stay or unscheduled journey; making this feature especially valuable when traveling internationally where flights can often be delayed for hours or even days.

Chase Purchase Protection covers any damage or theft of items purchased with your credit card, making this an invaluable perk at a time when many cards are cutting back on perks. Furthermore, this protection can come in handy should an employee’s laptop get lost while traveling abroad or you need to replace a broken cellphone.

Ink Business Preferred provides other useful features, including employee cards and bookkeeping integration. While its annual fee may be too steep for freelancers and microbusinesses, its extensive set of benefits make it worthwhile for most small business owners. Furthermore, this solution also offers primary car rental insurance at a competitive price and roadside assistance services at reasonable costs.

Purchase protection

The Chase Ink Business Preferred stands out as one of the most rewarding business credit cards, due to its generous signup bonus and top points-earning categories. Furthermore, this card provides travel and purchase protections that could save you money during unexpected expenses.

The card’s primary car rental insurance covers theft and damage up to the actual cash value of any vehicle rented with it, making this an essential perk for business travelers who rely on rental cars for work purposes. Furthermore, this card offers $600 worth of cellphone protection – an unusual perk among business credit cards but one which could save significant sums should your employees use company phones frequently for work-related matters.

Another key advantage of the Ink Business Preferred card is its ability to earn 3x points for purchases in its bonus categories – travel, shipping, internet/cable/phone services as well as advertising purchases on social media and search engines – providing small businesses with multiple monthly expenses with significant monthly bill pay-out options a tremendous opportunity for saving. It may make this card an even better fit compared to others with lower annual fees.

This card also comes equipped with travel accident insurance for trips booked using it, which reimburses medical and other expenses incurred as the result of a covered travel accident on a common carrier. We estimate this benefit at $100 annually; however, its value may exceed that figure if you frequently travel for business purposes.

The Ink Business Preferred is ideal for people working abroad as it does not charge foreign transaction fees – saving up to 3% per transaction and over time saving thousands in fees! Furthermore, all purchases made with this card come equipped with an extended warranty, making this card even more useful for business owners who typically purchase products with limited warranties.

Overall, the Ink Business Preferred is ideal for small business owners who rely heavily on bonus spending categories and travel often for work-related matters. Freelancers or microbusiness owners may not have enough spending power or frequent business travel to reach its generous bonus offer, and might benefit more from applying for another business credit card instead.

Extended warranty

The Chase Ink Business Preferred offers an exceptional combination of benefits and perks that has made it one of the most sought-after cards among small businesses. It features a 3X bonus rate with an annual combined purchase limit of $150,000; primary car rental insurance coverage; extended warranty protection on US purchases of up to one year with extra coverage worth up to $10,000 per claim is also provided with this card.

Purchase protection benefits of this card extend to items purchased with it, from office supplies and computer equipment to cellphones and laptops, including damage and theft reimbursements. Furthermore, its cell phone protection offers coverage up to three claims each year with $100 deductibles per claim – something not offered by many business credit cards. Furthermore, primary car rental insurance as well as roadside assistance make this credit card especially valuable.

The Chase Ink Business Preferred offers more than its name implies; you can earn bonus rewards on travel and social media advertising spending as well as enjoying its low annual fee of $95, resulting in a generous sign-up bonus. Furthermore, as part of Chase’s Ultimate Rewards suite of cards it allows users to combine other Chase credit cards for maximum point redemption opportunities.

The Chase Ink Business Preferred card is ideal for businesses that spend heavily in shipping, online advertising and travel categories such as shipping and travel expenses, while still achieving value on other business expenses such as internet/cable service fees, gas and restaurant purchases. However, if your business spends less in these categories or wants to earn additional points more quickly then other Chase cards offering higher bonuses may be more appropriate – for instance the American Express Business Gold Card offers 4 points per dollar spent up to $150,000, before returning back down to 1 point after that threshold has been reached – then 1 point will apply thereafter on all remaining spending!

Sign-up bonus

The Ink Business Preferred credit card is one of the top picks for small businesses and freelancers, with an attractive sign-up bonus and reasonable annual fee. Furthermore, this card boasts valuable travel and shopping protections such as primary coverage when renting cars for business use and generous cellphone protection policies. Earning rates also stand out: you can get 3 points back per dollar spent in categories such as shipping, internet advertising and telecom providers each year – providing additional incentive to use this card!

This card requires spending of $8,000 within three months, which may be challenging for small business owners. But its impressive signing bonus of 100,000 points more than makes up for any difficulties when considering that these points can be redeemed for cash travel purchases through Chase Ultimate Rewards’ portal for $1.25 cents each or used to book paid travel with partners of the company.

The Ink Business Preferred Card also comes equipped with Telecommunications Coverage of up to $600 per claim for damaged or stolen telecommunication devices such as cell phones. This additional benefit could be especially useful for small business owners that rely on cell phones for work purposes.

In addition to its benefits listed above, the Ink Business Preferred offers other perks that make it a top business credit card choice, including primary rental coverage and expense reporting/management capabilities for business expenses incurred while traveling and shipping goods for their business. It makes for an ideal solution for small-business owners spending a significant amount on travel/shipping related costs.

Contrary to most credit cards, Ink Business Preferred does not count towards your Chase 5/24 count – good news for those trying to manage card balances effectively. Furthermore, multiple Ink Business cards don’t affect this score so if you plan to apply for other cards later without fear of negatively affecting it.

The Ink Business Preferred card is ideal for small business owners seeking to maximize bonuses on key expenses and travel costs; however, its annual fee may not justify its use in all situations.