Is Your Home a ‘House of Cards’?

Have you ever tried to build a “House of Cards”? It is a slow, patient, and tedious process where a person places a card on top and simultaneously creates vertical layers. These vertical cards balance delicately while standing acutally on their blades. The intricate arrangement of cards in this fine matrix is a symbol of the hard work that went into its construction. The builder is proud to see the completed paper structure. It is well worth the effort. Phew!

Swoosh! It is built, but a breeze blows in through the windows and rips apart the house by the middle. They are thrown out of their respective places. They fall one upon the other. The cascading wave motion quickly gains momentum. The cards fall and snowball into an enormous avalanche, only to collapsing into a pile of paper mass. It’s all over! Sheer dimensional necrosis!

This is just a game. Reality is quite different. Everyone needs shelter. All people dream of owning a home, whether it’s a flat or a house or a building, and being able to call it their home.

Some people may find it easy to own multiple houses. For most people, however, owning a single house is difficult or impossible. Houses are the culmination and accumulation of years of hard work and savings.

It’s not just about that. The house of a person is also a testimony to the temple of beliefs that holds them together. It is therefore crucial to protect it from any threat.

What’s the solution?

As mentioned above, any type of threat to one’s home could occur, including human error, electronic jeopardy, or nature’s fury. The result in all cases is the same- destruction and damage to the asset. It is not something anyone wants so precautionary measures are taken. Prevention is better than treatment, but in this case prevention is the only way to get it.

Owning or building a house takes a lot of effort, time and money. It is essential to protect it. There should also be provisions to cover the financial loss in case of an unfortunate event. Financial security can be achieved by insuring your house. When it comes to protecting your house, home insurance is the best option.

The basic concept of home insurance

The concept of protecting your house is not always understood well and many people don’t understand why they are interested in a Home Protection Scheme.

Insurance is simply the cost of replacing a house after a disaster. It’s basically a contract where the homeowner pays a premium to an insurance company for a set period. The payment is divided over term-intervals. The homeowner is then entitled to financial assistance from the company in case of mishaps or after the end of the contract. The homeowner who pays the premium to the company becomes ‘insured.

There are many types of policies that can be used to protect your home and personal belongings. This policy requires that the insured must be present at the house. The policy details will determine the extent of refurbishment of the house and owner’s possessions in the event of a natural disaster. This will be determined based on what was agreed upon at the beginning of the contract. The clauses that govern the repayment amount include inflation consideration. The amount that is repaid to an owner depends on how much one has been insured. These companies may offer a variety of schemes, and you are only covered within the scope of the Policy.

There are many schemes available, from basic home protection to protection of your home contents. Many policies are available to meet the diverse needs of customers. Although these companies may present impressive displays of their products, the fundamental concept of financial protection for one’s home is still the same.

Smart homeowners should evaluate the financial protection they need and then get a policy that covers their house and possessions.

Your house becomes a “house of cards” once it is insured. The house becomes a “haven for peace and joy”