LeadZILLIONS – Best Annuity Lead Program?


LeadZILLIONS is a direct mail annuity program that many insurance professionals love. After extensively testing it myself, I am unsure if LeadZILLIONS is the king of the jungle. LeadZILLIONS has been a great way to generate leads for myself and my general agents. I’ve learned many lessons.

The numbers speak for themself. My first mail drop was September 23, 2005. LeadZILLIONS has been my constant companion for fourteen months. I have sent 44,800 pieces via 224 drops and received 1,295 response cards in the mail. This corresponds to a response rate at 2.89%, and an average of 14.4 lead card per 500-piece drop.

According to the lead system’s owner, there are an average of 15 lead card returns for every 500-piece drop. My average of 14.4 cards makes it close enough for me to not be surprised by the difference. Insurance industry professionals know that statistics can be a very broad brush. Return rates have varied from zero to 30 cards back to 500 pieces each mailed out. Individual return rates are a mystery of life. However, I advise my agents to choose zip codes that are on the outskirts and not in wealthy neighborhoods.

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LeadZILLIONS is a member of the Marketing Allowance Program. This allows you to produce it for free. Each (roughly $100,000) in annuity premium that is issued by any of the 26 carriers, the agent receives 500 pieces mail drops. Each piece of business leads on average to seven more prospects. This cycle is self-perpetuating and leads to more business.

This or any other lead system can quickly break the cycle if the agent attempts to make a lazy exit. I repeat, do not! Do not pick up the phone and become a cold-caller telemarketer. This will destroy a direct response lead that is already very good. It’s unlikely that you’ll get an appointment with any of your prospects. You’ll soon join the 90% of insurance agents who fail. Instead, route your cards and get in your car to use the Drop-By System.

These are the key steps to remember when using the Drop-By System. Your car should be parked directly in front your prospect’s house or driveway. Keep the engine running, and leave the door unlocked. As if you saw someone driving up, get out of your car and turn to wave at the window. If someone saw you drive up, they are busted! Standing a few feet from the door, knock on it and then stand sideways. Look at your watch as you approach the prospect and say “Hello, Mr./Mrs. (Name on card) I’m (Your Name) and only have a moment, but I thought I would stop by and set up an appointment to go over the information you requested. (Show them the lead card that they signed and filled out). Is Thursday morning at 9:30 a good time or Friday morning at 9:30 a better time? Let the conversation flow as it pleases. My biggest annuity sales began with Mr. and Mrs. Prospect’s cat.

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They won’t be able to hang up on your. However, they can see that you are a human being, with evidence in your hand, a smile, and the simple duty to respond to their requests for information. Four out of six prospects will be available for appointments. You won’t be alone when you return to the appointment. Chances are, you will leave with a deal in your hand.

Additional information about LeadZILLIONS, as well as other annuity and insurance lead programs, is available to me. Contact me. In my thirty years of direct sales, the direct mail lead generation method is one of my favorite.