LensCrafters Takes VSP Insurance?

People often view vision insurance like any other health coverage. In reality, however, most plans like those offered by industry leaders VSP and EyeMed primarily act as discount programs designed to boost sales of frames and lenses associated with each company.

That includes LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Target Optical and Sunglass Hut. Furthermore, VSP owns Marchon Eyewear as well as licensing brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Nine West.

Eye Exams

LensCrafters and other national retailers like Pearle Vision and Walmart Vision Center provide in-store eye exams at an affordable price, employing independent doctors of optometry. Furthermore, these retail chains accept most major vision plans including VSP.

Find a store near you and schedule an eye exam online or in person – the cost will depend on your prescription needs and frames selection; cheaper frames like discount and store brand are often less costly. Contact lenses and lens upgrades may also be purchased to provide comprehensive eye care experiences.

An eye exam with your physician involves testing your visual acuity with the Snellen eye chart and conducting various tests designed to detect eye conditions or diseases, such as diabetes. A diabetic eye exam specifically examines retina health as well as other parts of your eye that could become compromised due to complications caused by diabetes.

Retail stores and optical chains may offer low-cost eye exams, but their scope of testing may be limited. Visits to an independent doctor of optometry usually cost more, but they have the expertise necessary to perform additional procedures that help detect medical eye issues.

LensCrafters now offers Clarifye in-store eye exam experience that is more precise and comfortable for patients than traditional methods. Utilizing digital imaging technology, Clarifye can capture detailed information about your eye health using digital imaging techniques that utilize digital photography. Clarifye can detect common refractive errors like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism, as well as disease or disorders like cataracts or glaucoma – even preexisting conditions such as diabetes can be identified through digital imaging technology.

Ben Chudner, Luxottica North America’s Senior Clinical Director of Optometry advises against relying solely on smartphone and tablet-based eye exams as these technologies could miss early signs of serious eye disorders which require prompt treatment or could result in irreparable damage or blindness.

Contact Lenses

Lenscrafters provides daily disposables and monthly wear contact lenses to meet every vision need and budget, with daily disposables ideal for daily wear and monthly wear being options as well. When it comes to lens selection, there are various choices for astigmatism patients (toric lenses). Eye doctors can assist in choosing which types of contacts best meet individual vision needs and lifestyle – during a contact lens exam (which differs from an eyeglasses exam), doctors will evaluate factors like frequency of contact lens use; daily influences (such as screen time or exposure to certain eye irritants); lens preferences (such as toric lenses); etc.

Before purchasing any contact lenses, they must present a valid prescription from their eye doctor. Either they bring in their original copy of this or provide LensCrafters with contact details of their doctor so they can obtain one on their behalf. LensCrafters offers a free trial period on all contact lenses and frames along with money back guarantees and money-back guarantees; additionally a one year protection plan covers accidental damage, normal wear-and-tear breakdowns as well as material/manufacturing defects.

LensCrafters not only offers a vast selection of brands, but they also offer helpful advice about choosing and caring for contact lenses, which reduces risks such as eye infections or other complications from contact lens wear when they do not adhere to an eye doctor’s recommendations.

LensCrafters goes above and beyond providing great service and eyewear selection by contributing to their communities through the OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at positively affecting 20 lives every minute by increasing access to quality eyecare services. Through donations made by LensCrafters customers, this foundation ensures clear sight for people all around the world who live with untreated vision loss or risk it in some form – every dollar donated goes to restore those suffering or who may soon suffer it.

Prescription Glasses

Lenscrafters brand offers prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses at affordable prices for people of all ages. People can shop their products either online or visit one of Lenscrafters’ physical stores where an eye exam is also offered. Lenscrafters accepts most vision insurance plans such as EyeMed and Aetna plans while also providing payment installment options through credit cards or health savings accounts.

LensCrafters is part of Luxottica Group, an international eyewear company. They design, produce and market these products worldwide through their website; offering frames ranging from traditional metal styles to trendy ones; with various lens materials and add-ons available such as anti-reflective coatings which reduce glare as well as UV protection features; they even allow visitors to upload pictures of themselves and try on different frames virtually before purchasing.

LensCrafters has become the go-to store for those covered by vision insurance looking to purchase glasses, with its vast selection of frames and lenses, trained frame stylists who can assist customers in finding their ideal pair, as well as its convenient online service for updating prescriptions.

Some individuals may prefer visiting a private practice or medical center for their eye care needs, as these establishments may be better equipped to detect and treat more serious conditions like ocular migraines or dry eyes.

While LensCrafters does not provide in-network service for all vision insurance plans, they make the process of filing out-of-network claims to VSP easier by offering receipts with their name, date of birth and last four digits of social security number to them; VSP will reimburse them for whatever was spent at LensCrafters.

LensCrafters enjoys an outstanding reputation on Trustpilot, with customers commending its friendly and knowledgeable staff and superior customer service. However, some have complained about hidden charges or issues ordering online.


Utilising vision insurance at LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Sunglass Hut and Target Optical can be an easy and efficient way to save money on eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. Network providers usually have lower co-pays as well as discounts and additional savings on frames, lenses, coatings and accessories – while those who utilize their Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account can maximize their benefit for even further savings on prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses.

LensCrafters offers an impressive variety of frame styles and colors, non-prescription sunglasses and contact lenses at competitive prices for customers to shop either online or visit one of their physical stores to receive an eye exam. Established in 1983 with locations throughout North America and Mexico.

Customers can take advantage of the company’s 30-day return policy and warranty coverage on frames and lenses, or select from among several sunglasses with polarized lenses to help improve visibility when outdoors or driving.

Lenscrafters carries an extensive selection of frames from designer brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley. In addition, this chain offers both prescription and nonprescription sunglasses featuring various lens materials – with its polarized sunglasses offering protection from both glare and UV rays to allow people to fully enjoy outdoor activities without risking harm to their eyes.

LensCrafters’ website provides a list of its locations, along with hours and phone numbers for each store, as well as access to their e-commerce store where customers can order products online and submit an eye exam application online. Additionally, customers may submit an eye exam application.

Prior to scheduling an eye exam appointment at any store, it’s crucial that people check their vision insurance coverage. Many are unaware that some insurance policies won’t cover all costs associated with eye exams; you can learn this information by reaching out to customer service or visiting the company website.

VSP and EyeMed, two of the nation’s premier vision insurers, own their own eyewear brands that they sell at discounted rates to customers insured under their plans. Furthermore, these insurers reward optometrists who steer patients toward these brands by giving them larger reimbursements than would be available through other vendors; a practice which has led to complaints from some patients.