Liberty Mutual insurance review


Liberty Mutual was established in 1912, and is today the fifth largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S. Based on 2020 direct premiums of $36.2 billion, the Insurance Information Institute says that Liberty Mutual ranks #5 in the U.S.

Liberty Mutual, based in Boston, offers a range of insurance products to customers across all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Liberty Mutual customers have access to many great benefits including strong coverage options, numerous discounts, and digital tools. There are downsides, especially when it comes down to customer satisfaction. Bankrate evaluated Liberty Mutual’s auto, home and life insurance offerings. This was based on financial strength, third-party ratings and coverage.

Liberty Mutual auto insurance


Liberty Mutual offers a variety of unique add-ons to enhance your coverage, in addition to the standard car coverage options like liability, collision and comprehensive insurance. There are many options for auto insurance:

  • Roadside assistance: 24/7 roadside assistance covers your vehicle in the event of a breakdown. This includes fuel delivery, towing, battery replacement and other costs.
  • Accident forgiveness: Your rate will not increase if you are in an accident or a violation for at least five years.
  • Liberty Mutual’s lifetime repair guarantee: The company will coordinate your repairs and provide a guarantee for their work as long as your vehicle is owned by Liberty Mutual-approved shops.
  • Liberty Mutual will finance a new car replacement if your vehicle has less than 15,000 miles.
  • Better car replacement: In the case of older vehicles that have been totaled, your insurer will pay enough money to purchase a newer model and one with 15,000 miles.
  • Liberty Mutual will reimburse you for the rental of a car while your vehicle repairs are being made.
  • Original parts replacement: You can replace damaged parts of your car that were either originally manufactured or are estimated to have a comparable value.
  • Deductible fund: Add $30 to your annual premium, and you can lower your deductible each year by $100.
  • Gap insurance – If the replacement value of your vehicle is less than what you owe for a loan or lease payment, Liberty Mutual will pay the difference.
  • Teachers’ auto insurance: This policy provides additional coverage for teachers in the event of vandalism, collisions, and personal property. It covers incidents while teachers are at school or driving to work. This option is not offered in all states.
  • Mexico insurance: You can buy special coverage through MexPro through Liberty Mutual if you plan to drive into Mexico. The standard auto insurance policies are not applicable outside the U.S.
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Get Discounts

Liberty Mutual has a variety of discounts that can help you lower your car insurance policy. You may be eligible for multiple discounts. Liberty Mutual discounts can vary from one state to the next, but here are some of the most common:

  • Liberty Mutual may offer discounts for individuals who are homeowners, military personnel, good students, or student living abroad. Liberty Mutual offers a discount on a policy renewal for new customers. This is if they provide a quote before your current policy expires.
  • Vehicle Discounts: Receive lower rates for advanced safety features and energy efficiency.
  • Driving safely: You can get discounts. The most notable example is Liberty Mutual’s RightTrack usage-based policy. This program uses a smart tracking app and device to save you up to 30% on your premium. If you’re accident-free or have never been in a violation, you can save money.
  • Discounts on policy: Policyholders who have more than one vehicle and multiple policies (auto and home) can get rate savings. This includes those who pay upfront, buy online, sign up to paperless policy statements, enroll in autopay, and those who purchase autopay.
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Liberty Mutual home insurance


Liberty Mutual home policies offer standard coverages, including your dwelling, personal property, and any additional living expenses. There are also a number of options. These are the additional coverages that Liberty Mutual offers:

  • Liberty Mutual will replace personal property at the current market price if they are damaged during a covered event.
  • Blanket jewelry: Homeowners with expensive jewelry will be able to benefit from blanket coverage. This will replace your jewelry in the event it is stolen or lost without a deductible.
  • Hurricane coverage: Covers property damage caused by a hurricane.
  • Water damage: Liberty Mutual will pay for the damages to your home if there is water damage due to a backup or overflow.
  • Inflation protection: Your coverage limits are automatically adjusted to reflect changes in inflation when you renew your policy.

Get Discounts

Liberty Mutual has a variety of discounts that can lower your homeowners insurance premium. You may be eligible for discounts depending on where you live.

  • Bundling auto and home policies
  • If you switch from another insurer, staying claims-free for five or more years
  • You can protect your home with a variety of safety and security products
  • Purchase a new home or perform renovations
  • Retrofitting or adding a new roof
  • Active service or military veteran
  • Autopay: What to do?
  • Going paperless
  • Getting a quote before your old policy expires
  • Your home is insured up to the current replacement cost
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Liberty Mutual life insurance

Different types of policies

Liberty Mutual has a variety of life insurance policies to suit your needs. These are some of the options:

  • Term insurance: Term insurance provides short-term coverage that lasts 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. Your premium will not change throughout the term. There is a guaranteed death benefit. Liberty Mutual’s term insurance policies offer a conversion guarantee, various riders, and the possibility to convert to permanent coverage at anytime.
  • Whole life insurance: Whole-life insurance creates cash value, provides a guaranteed tax-free death benefit, and offers level premiums. Liberty Mutual offers a variety of whole-life insurance options, including single and simplified premium coverage.
  • Fixed annuity: Liberty Mutual offers fixed annuity insurance coverage. This allows you to make one premium payment, and receive guaranteed income in retirement. There are two options: a single premium deferred annuity or a fixed indexed annuity.

Ratings, reviews, customer satisfaction, and complaints about Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual offers a variety of coverage options and discounts that may make it an attractive choice to provide your life insurance. What do the ratings tell us? Here’s how Liberty Mutual was rated by industry and research organizations.

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Liberty Mutual’s J.D. The power ratings of different products vary greatly. Liberty Mutual auto insurance was rated above-average for customer satisfaction in Florida, but below average in all other markets. J.D. also gave the company a below-average rating for renters and home insurance. Power. It is also worth noting that Liberty Mutual’s complaint index of 2.14 (compared to the industry average of 1.) is higher than the average National Association of Insurance Commissioners of Commissioners (NAIC).

Liberty Mutual: Top Reasons to Consider

Liberty Mutual is constantly improving its technology innovation, particularly when it comes to auto insurance. The company not only allows you to file and track your claim online but also offers many perks.

Customers can use Liberty Mutual Claims Valet Service. This service allows the company to send a driver to deliver your replacement vehicle while it is being repaired, and also to transport your damaged car to the shop (assuming it’s driveable).

Liberty Mutual’s digital ease-of use is not the only benefit. It also offers a variety of coverage options and discounts. You want your vehicle’s coverage covered for repairs even if they aren’t accident-related. The lifetime repair vehicle plan could be yours.

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Do you want to upgrade your car? If your car is damaged or totaled, Liberty Mutual’s Best Car Replacement may be able to help. It will replace it with a vehicle that is one year older and has 15,000 less miles.

Are you worried about your deductible being paid? The Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund could be a good option. You pay $30 each year and Liberty Mutual contributes $100 towards a deductible fund. This fund continues to grow year after year and is available for you to tap into whenever you have money needs to pay Liberty Mutual deductibles.

If you are looking for unique features, coverage options, and discounts, Liberty Mutual could be the right car insurance company. You should also keep in mind that Liberty Mutual has lower than average ratings for overall customer satisfaction. This could be a deterrent to some drivers.

Liberty Mutual’s renters and home insurance policies don’t have the same special features as its auto policies, but they still provide property coverage. Liberty Mutual is a solid homeowners insurer that offers great coverage options and may help you lower your rate.

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Liberty Mutual life insurance isn’t the most popular product but it is an option for those who need basic coverage. You have three options depending on your needs. There is also a fixed annuity option which is not available by all life insurance companies. If you’re looking for life insurance, we recommend that you shop around to compare the offerings of life insurers.

Liberty Mutual also offers additional policies

Liberty Mutual offers discounts for customers who bundle their auto insurance with other policies. Liberty Mutual also offers personal insurance options, including:

  • Motorbike
  • RV
  • Boat/watercraft
  • Classic and antique cars
  • ATVs, off-road and recreation vehicles
  • Condo
  • Landlord
  • Mobile home
  • Flood
  • Umbrella
  • Accident
  • Critical illness
  • Pet
  • Tuition
  • Small business

Liberty Mutual also offers a variety of commercial coverage options, including workers’ compensation, business interruption, and commercial auto.

Questions frequently asked

How can I find out how much Liberty Mutual auto insurance to purchase?

It can be hard to decide how much auto coverage you need. Liberty Mutual’s Car Insurance Coverage Calculator can help. You will need enough coverage to meet the minimum state requirements. Many insurance professionals recommend increasing your liability coverage and buying a full coverage policy to protect you vehicle.

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What are the steps to obtain a quote from Liberty Mutual

It is simple to get a Liberty Mutual online quote for auto insurance. Simply enter your address to pull up the details of your vehicle. Next, enter information about your vehicle’s safety features and make, year, and estimated mileage.

You can get a quote by providing a bit more information and detailing any violations, accidents or claims that you have had regarding auto insurance in the past seven years.

How can I obtain my Liberty Mutual ID card?

Liberty Mutual ID cards can be delivered to you immediately. It is easy to get your ID cards online from the company’s website, even if it is not possible for you to access your login information. Access your Liberty Mutual ID cards can also be accessed via the Liberty Mutual mobile application.

How can I file a claim against Liberty Mutual?

Liberty Mutual can help you file a claim by calling it, via its mobile app, or visiting its website. You can use the mobile app to send photos of your vehicle and home damage directly from your smartphone.

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Liberty Mutual offers a help page on their website that will provide information about the claims process. You can track the status of your claim online and ask questions.