Life Insurance Agent – Leads Or Career Death

Sales requires life insurance agent leads. Without insurance agent leads, a life-insurance agent career could be cut short. Learn how your company agency influences the longevity of your insurance agent career.

What are they trying to get you to fall for their schemes? What are you actually being told when you first see the false advertisement in the newspaper? They responded with a positive attitude. They will provide many leads and ways (like referrals), to keep them coming in. In almost all cases, this is a myth. The death cloud over a new agent’s career is always visible. The death of an agent usually occurs within 18 months after they are licensed and trained.

Visit any career office of life insurance agents with more than 30 employees. You will notice that nearly all seats are occupied by a younger agent. This creates a strange and frightening atmosphere. It’s almost like a funeral parlor. Is it not the role of insurance agents to meet with potential clients and write new business applications? Many agents engage in idle chatter with associates. The strong-hearted agents who are responsible for mortgage or rent payments will soon become intensely anxious. The bright, big bubble is about to burst.

If you’re a new agent, the truth will sink in. You won’t get enough leads from the company or agency to make sales and see clients. Your sales manager has criticized you for not getting enough referrals from your last sale, or not speaking to enough people about insurance. Your sales manager tells you to gather your phone directory or your list of potential clients and then start calling for appointments. If you fail to set up enough appointments, the sales manager will chastise you for not being able overcome objections.

It is strange that the sales manager does not practice what he preaches. All phone and mail-in leads are provided by the General Agency Manager to the sales managers. Agent failure is often due to inability to sell or determining selling capabilities. A lack of sales leads causes the remaining agents who can sell to quit. This is directly related to the inability of smart agencies to produce enough prospects leads.

When I was a rookie agent, I remember that I spent 80% of my time prospecting. I spent the rest of my time learning product knowledge and making a few sales appointments. In my last stages of sales, I spent 10% on prospecting and the rest on sales presentations. It wasn’t me that was holding me back early in my career. I was fortunate to find an agency that provided fair quality leads. The formula was simple: more leads = more sales presentations = higher sales income.

After three years of hard work and average performance the decision was made to either increase sales or mortgage the house secondly. No manager of an insurance company ever explained or knew! How a sales lead program works is something that no manager of an insurance company ever explained. A brilliant production by an insurance agent sank reality into my thick skull. This was how I ignited the fire that led to my skyrocketing sales productivity by injecting quality leads.

You must spend money if you want to make money with insurance. Time lost prospecting equals time lost selling. A sales career can be transformed when both of these factors are converted into realism. Prospecting involves mass mailing a well-prepared lead getting message. To reach your preferred clients, you will need to purchase the best quality list. Your wallet will pay the costs. To survive and thrive, you must help yourself.

There is still hope for those who have already dug themselves too far into the ditch. You will quickly discover that your lead cost is outweighed in sales increases, higher closing ratios, and increased premiums on the policies you write.

Your career insurance company will do little to save you. You won’t suddenly get your ship! Now, be the captain.

Get started with your own, free, lead program. You will never sink if you have a personal lead life raft.