Life Insurance Agents Opt-In Email List Mailing For Prospect Leads – Junk Emailing Gone Wild

Opting-in email lists for life insurance agents are highly in demand. Email list addresses are needed by insurance marketers to locate brokers, and agents to get prospect leads. It is not a good idea to spam email with junk. Insurance marketers believe that there are real life agent email names. These are some of the myths and truths.

According to Encarta, cheap can be defined as being low in price or cost or less than one might reasonably expect. Cheap key words are reasonable expected. Is it possible to prospect for so little money and still have effective email marketing? This is similar to taking a small, inexpensive bottle of insect repellent out into the jungle at night and being eaten alive. An email list of names for insurance purposes can be used to bury you alive.

PROSPECT LOANS ARE A INVESTMENT Are your current investments in penny stocks or building your retirement fund using a piggybank of change? Only quality leads that lead to sales and earnings will make you a success. Why do you not understand that prospecting wisely is an investment in your own future? Are you imagining that you will be able to make a fortune on a nickel or penny slot machine when you visit a casino? This is exactly what junk emailing looks like. You’re wishing for a big return on your investment by dropping thousands of pennies and nickels.

Look at the meanings of thesaurus words for cheap. These include the despicable, cheap, bargain basement priced items, shoddy quality, shameful and second-rate, stingy, or substandard. This is a great description of a purchased mailing list. This is the right way to describe the company that sold you the emailing addresses. These words should be used to describe your competitors and not you.

FOR INSURANCE MATERIAL FIRMS You can find many money-hungry firms that will sell you a “life insurance email address” list. FORGET IT. Since the beginning of emails, I have never found one after searching and looking. These are just a list of email addresses. But they do not include active life or health insurance agents. These lists attract as much attention as dog doo on your shoes. You will never be able to get a copy of this list. There would be only 15-25 life agents, and everyone else.

You would like to send a message to insurance adjusters, home office personnel and property and casualty agent agents. How about the non-sellers, phony respondents, and all those email addresses that go bad? You can expect to pay an average of $65 for each bona-fide lead agent; however, it is impossible to know if the responder is qualified or truly interested.

You should be cautious about the Yellow Pages lists. There are a few life insurance companies that have thousands upon thousands of email addresses for their agents. They can be accessed from an internet site and all will go to the same place. Now imagine how many of those 15,000 emails will actually be read by the internet hosting company.

INTERNET EMAIL GONE WILD This is a warning to agents who use email blasting. Consumers don’t like opening emails they haven’t requested. This is why at most 65% of emails never get opened. What proof (like a receipt from the post office) can you provide that your consumers have ever been mailed? Even if they respond, they will be an expensive suspect until they can listen to your offer of insurance.

Emails are a dime per dozen and inexperienced agents can be worth a dime per dozen. It is easy to prove your worth by examining how much you are willing and able to invest in buying prospects, not phantom ghosts.

OPT IN EMAIL LIST No matter what you’re told, this is the truth when trying to broadcast mass insurance emails. None of the prospects, suspects, and people you are emailing want to receive your life insurance message. Opt-in prospects are those who have obtained the email address of someone willing to receive messages from you. Legally, you can send as many messages as necessary to a person as long as they have the option to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Email lists that are opt-in by individuals can be very effective. Email campaigns from internet-purchased insurance agents can swallow your wallet and send you looking for Sunday wants ads.