Life insurance for vegans

There are vegan versions of almost everything, including vegan cheeses, vegan milkshakes, and vegan burgers. While there isn’t a specific vegan insurance policy, eating a healthy, plant-based diet can help you get lower premiums on your life insurance. Understanding the impact of what you eat on your life can help you find the best life insurance companies .

What is a healthy diet for vegans?

The majority of life insurance policies for vegans are designed to cover people who eat a healthy diet. Vegan does not necessarily have to mean healthy. Vegans can still eat mainly french fries as their main source of nutrition. You could also end up deficient if your vegan diet is not modified with supplemental nutrients such as B12.

However, eating vegan can open up more options for healthy eating because you will be paying more attention to what you eat.

A vegan diet can provide health advantages. This includes a more balanced blood sugar level, lower risk of certain cancers, and a healthier body weight. You get health-boosting foods like:

  • Vegetables and fruits — Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Experts recommend that you eat lots of them. According to the CDC, only 10% of Americans get enough fruits and vegetables. Vegans can get more fruits and vegetables if they eat a vegan diet.
  • Nuts — Vegans tend to eat more nuts in their quest for plant-based proteins. Nuts are good for your brainheart, and can lower the risk of high cholesterol and diabetes.
  • Vegan substitutes — Many vegans are able to make substitutions in the kitchen when animal products are off the table. This can be as simple as replacing unhealthy foods, such cheese, with healthier alternatives, such as cheese made with cashews or nutritional yeast.

Does following a vegan diet impact life insurance rates?

Many life insurers will view vegans as healthier than the average person. This could impact your insurance cost.

When life insurance companies give you an estimate for a policy they consider a variety of factors that are unique to you. This includes your personal and family health history, and your lifestyle.

The bottom line is that the more healthy you are, the lower your life insurance premiums will be. An insurer will likely pay a lower death benefit payout if you live longer than you used to.

Because veganism can have an impact on key health indicators, it might be possible to find more affordable life insurance policies that are suitable for vegans than those who are typical Americans.

Below is a table that lists some of the most important health issues life insurance companies should consider when writing policies.

Considerations for your healthDefinition
Heart diseaseHeart disease, which includes coronary artery disease (CAD) and other heart conditions, is the Diabetes is a condition in which your body can’t maintain a proper balance of blood sugar. This can increase your risk of developing a variety of complications, including vision loss and slow-healing ulcers.

Understanding how vegans may be eligible for life insurance can help you understand the impact of a vegan diet on your health.

Heart disease

According to the American Heart Association, a plant-based diet can lower your risk of developing heart disease. Life insurance companies might be willing to lower your rate if you avoid meat (which is a requirement if you’re vegan).

BMI (overweight)

More healthcare providers are recommending a plant-based diet as it may lead to a lower BMI. Research also shows that eating vegan 23%

While telling a life insurer that you are vegan won’t guarantee the lowest premiums, it can increase your chances of getting life insurance at a lower price.

Vegans can get insurance from HealthIQ

Some companies are working to connect healthier people with affordable insurance. HealthIQ, an insurance marketplace that allows you to get lower life insurance rates, is a prime example. HealthIQ is a great place for you to begin if you are looking to buy a new policy or switch to a lower-cost life insurance provider.

HealthIQ is not an insurance company. It will not be able issue your insurance policy. It connects you to other life insurance providers. HealthIQ offers special rates that could result in lower premiums.

Bankrate recommends that you compare quotes from different insurance companies to ensure that you get the best possible life insurance coverage. When comparing quotes, ensure you’re comparing apples to apples. This means that you should request quotes for the exact same coverage. We have a Life Insurance Calculator that will help you determine how much you need.