Life Insurance Leads – Why Most Marketing Does Not Work

Qualified Life insurance leads Don’t go to someone else

The old ways of prospecting in life insurance are no longer relevant. Many life insurance agents still have to learn the cold calling, warm market list, buying a life insurance lead list, cold calling, and the extremely expensive seminar route. To those still being taught this system, I’d like to say “It’s no fault. Someone sold you on it.” Agents like to think that marketing is a quick, easy routine.

It is no longer a good idea to buy life insurance leads lists and then do a sales pitch over the telephone. Due to the overwhelming sales calls they receive about junk, many people find it difficult to pick up the phone. So you immediately get hit with Caller-ID. You can be sure that the so-called qualified lead you paid for won’t pick up the phone or book an appointment with your company. It doesn’t have to be difficult to market life insurance.

Look at the actual process of buying life insurance leads. A third party talked to you about your prospect. The third party told you that he was interested in what you had to offer. Selling life insurance isn’t about selling your product. It’s about selling yourself. That third party will then sell the same “exclusive” list on to another person. There are other ways.

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Life Insurance Lead Seminars Require Money

Alternative routes, such as educational workshops and seminars, are available that can be more expensive but build more credibility with prospects than cold calling. This type of marketing is expensive. You will need to print a lot of flyers to distribute. You can then either mail the prints or hire someone who will hand them out. There may be additional charges depending on the location of your seminar for life insurance leads. Seminars can cost you anywhere from three to seven thousand dollars. My experience shows that no new agent will have this much money once they start in life insurance.

Seminars are a great way of establishing credibility through communication and the reality that you are a real person. However, there is no guarantee that your invited people will sit down with you after the seminar to discuss their personal situation. It was something I tried, but it wasn’t for me. I found it too risky with so many variables, and was not willing to take on the risk.

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Life Insurance Leads. Search the Internet

What if you had the opportunity to be a source of information, the person people turn to for advice about life insurance? This sounds almost like a pipe dream, doesn’t? It doesn’t have to be. Many people are afraid to use the internet for marketing. How can I find out? I was one of them. I didn’t want to spend hours learning website design and computer language. The web has become a very user-friendly tool, to my benefit and that of everyone else who was in my boat.

By pointing and clicking, you can create websites. You can take a look at MySpace and FaceBook. Both of these are point-and-click social networks. Let’s look at it for a moment. Millions of people use the internet to find answers to their problems. Problems can be literally anything. If you have the right tool for the job, and need to know the price, should you call the shop or go online and search for it? You’re looking for movie times, airline tickets, or anything else! Why not use the internet to boost your business?

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People are increasingly turning off their televisions and surfing the internet. They are tired of being marketed to. It’s not about selling sell sell. Getting life insurance leads does not mean that you have to sell. It’s about sharing valuable information and being a resource for others. Do you expect to be charged for information when you search the internet? Or do you keep searching for free information. Here’s my next point.

How to get the Life Insurance Leads that Find You

Attraction marketing is the best way to attract life insurance leads. It is easy to explain Attraction Marketing. You establish yourself as an information resource that people can trust. People who visit your website to find information about you, even if they search the internet for it themselves, consider you to be a source of advice. Let’s say that people visit your website regularly and continue to read your content. Finally, you decide to tell them about a product you offer and the benefits. How likely do you think they will listen to you? What about a guy who calls them and tries to book a meeting? What about a guy who gave a seminar and confused prospects with products? And then did the selling sell sell routine. That is what I think.

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It works because it is simple. There is a greater chance of your life insurance business failing if you make it more complex. You can lose the deal if you become too technical with your client or use technical terms. This principle applies to your marketing. You lose the opportunity to meet one-on-one if you make it too complicated.

You can use the information in this article to market for life insurance leads. This will help you generate qualified leads who are open to hearing what you have to offer. Attraction marketing can help you save tons of money and avoid expensive seminars. This will give you the information that you need to know in order to avoid buying life insurance leads lists. This will show you why the internet is rapidly becoming one of your most powerful marketing tools.

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Muris Mulalic

Muris Mulalic is my name and I love people. Since 2006, I’ve been working in the life insurance business. Since then, I’ve loved it! With the success and knowledge I have gained, I am passionate about helping others learn the ins and outs of the industry. Thank you so much for reading my article. I hope that it was enjoyable. Any feedback you may have is welcome.

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