Life Insurance Sales Leads – Which Type of Insurance Lead Source Can Save Your Career?

Your only chance to make it big in life insurance sales is by finding the right lead source. But, you can be eliminated if the right insurance lead source is used. Learn more about the different sources of life insurance leads and their rates.

You can’t buy any more time if you don’t have the determination and fortitude to defeat the system after two years. You can call yourself an experienced career agent after about 4 to 5 years. It will take courage and smart lead purchases to ensure you don’t burn out. Below is a list of each lead source and commentary for each.

EMAIL BLASTING TO INSURANCE SALES. 90% of the decision is made on the pricing and integrity of the company, with 10% depending on your message. It is difficult to know how to identify 65% of emails that are not opened. The life insurance agent doesn’t see the list so it is easy for you to be scammed. (a) Is it really seniors, high-income earners or new homeowners who are the recipients of these emails? Is this spamming contacts who have already replied to it? (c) Did the staff of the firm add 50 emails from their staff to increase the number of replies? BEWARE. High risk for you but highly lucrative for the list owner. I don’t know how an agent can see my email address and determine if they sell life and health insurance or car insurance.

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INTERNET LIFE INSURANCE SALES LEADS. There are at least nine bad stories for every good one. Ask yourself these questions before you spend your time looking for free leads or cheap internet sources of insurance leads. Are you a life insurance agent or selling life insurance? Do you believe you can sell life insurance? How many people will choose an internet ad for life insurance? Are they healthy? Is there a telephone representative who tries to sell them? Is the internet company able to get leads from other companies that can’t sell the prospect first? Your closing ratio will drop from 60% to 10% Etc, etc, etc, etc…

TELEMARKETING DIRECTORS. Prospects should only be obtained from reliable companies that use a high quality list. Your leads will be of low quality if the list is not reliable. Reputable telemarketing companies avoid do not call penalties by registering for each area code and paying a fee. Then, their phone list must be checked against the do-not call list. This method is possible if a life agent is smart enough and can afford it. Be careful when calling. One wrong call can cost you your job. Make sure that the lead is a real prospect and not just a suspect.

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DIRECT Marketing LIFE INSURANCE SALE LEADS. It has been proven time and again to give you the best bang for your buck. The life insurance agent should purchase the prospects and choose them personally. This will help you determine who your future clients will be. You want to get the best clients and close rates, so make sure you choose the right list provider. The life insurance agent may be able to get a printer/mailhouse from a quality list provider. Ask the list provider whether you, the life insurer agent, could get a discount by using the name of the list provider. This could help you save hundreds on sales mailers of 5,000 and more. The list provider or printer may be able give you proven tips to increase your response rate. This way, you can control the source of your insurance leads.

YOUR OWN CLIENT DIRECTS. The client of a life insurance agent or their extended family will likely purchase more insurance products in the next 10 years. Why should it come from you? Your coverage might be replaced by another agent. What did you do for your client? You can buy 2 cards at a dollar in Dollar Stores. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to send birthday, anniversary, new born, holiday or thank-you cards.

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FREE TIP. Here’s an effective tip that will help you become a better life insurance agent. Send a $10.00 tax-deductible gas certificate to your client in a birthday card. You now have a reason to call you client again. Make sure that he has the card. Ask about any important events or new arrivals. You will find your client very open to listening. This is a better option if you need more than a lead and a sale. You arrive at 7:00 p.m. with a freshly made pepperoni-cheese large pizza. Include 1 large candle. You can also tell him that you are busy and will only be there for a few minutes. This is how you treat clients. Take a bite, get some facts, and then set up a selling appointment.

Your sale will brighten his day and his family’s.

There are never enough quality leads for life insurance.