Life Insurance Telemarketing Leads Production = Unfit Insurance Lead Generation System


Agents and agencies need a life insurance lead generation system. Unfortunately, life insurance lead generation via telemarketing is not a success. Telemarketing leads are often poor quality and result in life insurance leads being generated.

Let me first give credit to all the telemarketing leads companies that do the job honestly. Their leads production is superior to that of any company or individual trying to reduce costs by using their own phone-based insurance lead generation system. While telemarketing companies are in the major leagues, individuals who attempt lead production over the phone do not make it to the minor league.

Life insurance lead generation systems, which include telemarketing and emailing, are often a disaster. Telemarketing leads are not about producing “leads” but rather in the area of what a real lead is. Many life insurance agents don’t realize the qualities that leads need to be able to produce sales. These are six areas that a prospect must have in order to be successful. It all starts with the prospect’s desire to purchase insurance of the same type as the agent can sell. Prospects must feel more than just a desire to learn more. Are they healthy enough to be eligible? If the product meets the requirements, the person must be willing to buy now. You must have the financial resources to pay for insurance.

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This is the key to any life insurance lead generation system. Prospects should not be forced to agree to meet with an agent. This is what can be done to so many leads. Do not confuse pressure with gentle enticement. Intense pressure can be created by repeatedly disregarding the NO response of a suspect and pressing on with this system, trying to get a positive result. This is a common way for agents to generate insurance leads. This method of life lead generation is not effective. This is a sign that the suspect has not shown any willingness to purchase.

This is why the low closing ratio results from a suspect lead. Nearly everyone has a gap in their life insurance coverage that does not cover enough. This is something that most people already know. It is easy to convince them that they have a desire. The missing piece is the commitment to fill this void immediately.

Although telemarketing is superior to personal calling, it can be difficult to generate life insurance leads that will result in high commission sales. There are two main reasons, and some minor ones. This is usually the fault of the salesperson or agency that hired the telemarketing company. The telemarketing firm often receives a very basic prospect list, rather than a more detailed one. Low quality prospects = low-quality leads. Telemarketers often become too skilled at convincing prospects to talk to them. They also know how to use pressure to overcome objections.

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Agents need a system that generates life insurance leads. Telemarketers must produce and are paid based on how many life insurance leads they have obtained. Once all leads have been worked, the quality of the lead is not known. It is important to note the most likely people to give their consent to the telemarketer. These include lonely, insecure, and those with hidden health problems. Telemarketing should be considered a medium-level job.

An agent will never be promoted to professional or financial status if they are in middle grade. These leads can be lucrative for agents, but it is important to remember the key factor. The closing ratio is the king. A closing ratio of 40% for telemarketing leads should mean that commissions will outweigh any costs. Consider the impact of a closing ratio of 80%. The same number of prospects would result in doubled income and twice the customers for future sales.

You should be proud of your career if you make money solving life insurance leads for people. You can improve your financial and emotional well-being by exploring direct mail life insurance lead generation systems that you fully control. This system is free of pressure and offers no obligation. You can cut out the middleman and increase your lead quality, which will in turn increase your closing ratio.

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