Life Insurance Websites Competition – Destroy Competitors With Your Insurance Website

It would be easy to believe that life insurance websites are competitive. You can easily find out how to defeat competitors by building a website. Comparing their websites traffic will make life insurance companies jealous.

There are many life insurance websites competing for your business. Take a look at the Alexa statistics for a dozen insurance sites. This independent Alexa site ranks web sites and shows how much traffic they receive each month. One of our sites receives slightly more than 2,000 visitors per month. A site featuring our articles attracts 9,000 visitors to each month. This is all without the use of paid advertising or pay per click competitors words, which many websites do.

Is your website receiving 2,000 monthly free visitors? Is it attracting 200, 20 or more people who are interested? Do not panic. Your competition is just as lost as you are. You will learn how to beat your insurance competitors and get out of the dust. This is the most important point. You should only build your website to get traffic. If your website is “a pretty castle in the sand with no footprints”, you are not alone. If done correctly, ugly web sites are the most effective.

Statistics show that professional website designers are not well-received by internet searchers. Designers only care about your satisfaction with their impressive designs and usability. He wants your money. Are you sure he doesn’t care that six months later, no one is looking for your insurance website? You expected pretty, and you got it. When building an insurance site, you must design it to attract search engine traffic. Without having to view the site in detail, any pro can inspect the source code and determine why the traffic is blocked. I can see your computer code and visitor statistics in 20 seconds and know why it is failing.

If asked about the content of an insurance agency website, most owners will be confused. They are focused on getting their website online so they can take some of the business from the competitors. . The owners of these insurance agencies don’t realize that you cannot buy yourself in. They also don’t realize that many sites with a ragged appearance spend very little to attract visitors. Google and other top websites have a similar background color. The background color of Google and other top sites will be plain white with no graphics or flash effects.

Visitors can be obtained if you’re willing to pay. This is only temporary help for site visitors that you can get free. You can spend a lot on adword phrases from Google, Yahoo, or Ask. You may find the price worth it.

It was a mistake to hire a graphic designer firm to design your insurance site. Kevin Costner’s “Build it and they will Come” speech has made you crazy. It was a deep belief that he had. It is possible that you were in a hypnotic state of mind that implanted this saying into your subconscious and then ruled out all reality. One of the multimillion-dollar websites is not enough to be successful.

Millions of tourists visit each year to see beautiful, well-constructed old and new treasured destinations. Tourist traps are the wonders of this world. If you can afford a luxurious resort, why stay in a motel? Las Vegas is a prime example. Visitors travel to Las Vegas in order to see the best of beauty and design. Your insurance website is being prepared using real-world logic. Your website must look better than your competitors. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a professional website service design your web mansion. Flashing effects, vibrant blending page colors, and a stylish looking heading on the front page are just a few of the many features you can expect. This is a real world masterpiece.


My website was at least 80% better than the ones I looked at. They also neglected the guts. Your guts will propel you up the rankings and drive people to your site. Look at the URL title of your website. It is almost certain that it is your company name. You think that if they haven’t arrived yet, they will.

Google searches for “life insurance agency”, return 60,700 results. You can also search for “insurance firm” to see a wider term. These are the only ones Google found for this exact term. When I searched for “Johnson life insurance agency”, it returned a stunning site that included pictures, 3 offices and 21 pages of linked information. Let’s find out why all this is a complete waste.

1. The agency name was in the title. This site is likely to be found by many potential clients searching for life insurance in the United States. The title could have been changed to “Termlife insurance Saratoga Florida”. That would have been a good start.

2. Although the site was made available online in October 1999, it still had a low Google rank of “1”. This is a site with very few visitors and average information content. There are no other sites linking to it. A Google ranking of 3 means that you have good content, key words and other sites linking to it. It also means that your site is bringing in at least 400 visitors per week. A site that earns a Google “4” ranking is more attractive to visitors than a site with a poor appearance.

3. Site designer did not include site description.

4. These powerful keyword phrases were missing. Such terms as “Florida decreasing-term insurance, low-level insurance rates Saratoga Florida major medical health plans” will bring up the websites of competitors who did their research.

These are just 4 of the 20 most important tools and tricks that search engines have to help you get your website listed in the top 10 results for a specific web search. If you don’t want only your customers to see your site, take down the billboards and lower the lights. Then hire someone to help you herd new visitors backstage.

Internet SEO professionals can help you build or rebuild insurance castles. This engineer was needed to plan and map your internet for maximum efficiency. Start over completely. Do you worry that an associate will not like the look of your sight or that there might be heavy traffic?

Content is the last tip. Many insurance websites only have 50-75 words on their front pages. Below 250 words are unacceptable. Better is 400 to 1000. Google and Yahoo search for content. This is a requirement for your website to rank higher than the competition. This is something that you can do for yourself, so start now.